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January 2013




January 19, 2013


desperados walk among nodding heads
convincing them of their good intentions
ignore they say life’s overwhelming dreads
and dream dreams of progressive inventions
surrender life’s possessions for the cause
hoping help goes to those less prosperous
join your comrades exuberant applause
upholding officials less virtuous
follow quietly death’s congregation
dancing among the hot embers of hell
silence simple minded expectation
upon which graceful Godly goodness dwell
       anointed leader redefines the rule
       orders conceived the desperado’s tool


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





January 31, 2013


all God’s children stand some distance away
separated from darkness approaching
offer up righteous resistance they say
to progressive inventions encroaching
yell from rooftops your sacrifice of praise
to be heard by a remnant remaining
remember Godly gratitude these days
amidst lingering lies quickly gaining
fight against satan’s song of deadly lust
presented misleading to all who hear
conquer evil before becoming dust
and follow after righteousness so dear
       tyranny’s temper continues to rage
       graceful goodness abandoned to the stage


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





February 2013




February 6, 2013


hazy lazy day singing songs gone by
when presidents always did what they said
never would they ever tell a small lie
knowing only God their heart’s fear does dread
what then can any common person do
to point out their integrity lacking
have we Godly fortitude to pursue
to destroy their political backing
good memories fade now quickly away
so we remember only evil done
only One account ever can repay
made manifest once judgment has begun
       illegal actions stay the demon’s course
       only Godly goodness conquers the source


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




deception’s daring

February 15, 2013


winter winds dispense deadly white blowing
burying northeast cities once alive
misconception’s global warming knowing
popular masses can never survive
rising expenses fueling growing debt
a government’s failing excessive greed
devastation’s deadly plans death beget
political patsies seeking self-need
heed time’s trembling terror before the fall
a government’s guarantees grow worthless
promises presented proudly for all
to cover corruption’s remnant clueless
       deception’s daring leaking leftist lies
       middle class destruction oppression cries


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





March 2013




March 1, 2013


sequestration smiles cheshire-like broadly
before falling into wonderland’s hole
Obama’s team frames the battle badly
for massive spending to comfort the soul
other people’s money addiction’s need
to fulfill imagination’s desire
indulgence hypocrisy’s godless greed
derived from wanton worthless we admire
economic disaster’s secret plan
confuses the common masses lying
ignore they say whatever spending ban
to survive fiscal ruin undying
       spending brings not security alive
       safety only comes when true love revive


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





March 10, 2013


distance determines devastation’s toll
when swallowed whole by Maslow’s arguments
recognize not prosperity’s lost goal
written in ancient blood-stained documents
brothers sacrificed among death’s remorse
to ensure continuing freedom’s cause
now evil a nation’s collapse enforce
too polite to prolong the left’s applause
madness permeates popular ideals
secretly spoken to encourage change
confirmation of injustice reveals
pursuit of life’s liberty rearrange
       momentum maintains a maddening pace
       social justice democracy displace


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




gentle warrior

March 18, 2013


deception brings dark days slowly dancing
across unassuaged memories of gain
when destiny serpent’s desire glancing
eagerly a golden era disdain
life’s living cannot graciousness ignore
in spite of struggles survival demand
when evil’s desperation night implore
hidden a gentle warrior withstand
commanding armies activists deploy
in search of battle patriots engage
when lies economic collapse employ
reality a tarnished truth enrage
       gentle warrior deception prepare
       humility a victory declare


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





April 2013



hidden hero

April 4, 2013


fantasy belongs to children playing
adventure’s games of virtuous pretense
hidden hero demon dragon slaying
collecting treasure victory dispense
survival demands attention repay
for clarity confrontation reveal
principle’s forgotten passion convey
death’s dying lawless liberals conceal
destination’s final address declare
a recklessness lying leaders dispute
regulation’s dishonesty ensnare
a ruling class all privilege pollute
       battered nation desolation pursue
       lawless despot hidden hero subdue


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




destiny’s soldier

April 23, 2013


poverty without clear warning approach
when government regulations deploy
silent thief for evil’s envy encroach
upon innocence selfishness destroy
patient people godly goodness presume
to save the day from persecution’s hand
yet ego’s maddening desire entomb
a population God’s absence demand
solitary soldier unseen apart
before destruction’s comfort living claim
wait not for generations passion’s heart
arise against the demon’s deadly game
       hypocrisy’s deception hope withstand
       destiny’s soldier make known God’s command


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





May 2013




May 18, 2013


senseless death upon flower gardens fall
when wayward zealots peacefulness destroy
violence across vast oceans recall
a youth’s innocence vengeance deploy
terror’s face behind education hide
laughing at every word God never spoke
misbegotten truth in error decide
why an infidel’s life vengeance revoke
oppression’s anger death’s destruction teach
for unreason’s ranting upon display
understand not murder God’s love impeach
to settle accounts death’s vengeance repay
       forgotten compassion love’s truth inspire
       perfect holiness God’s vengeance desire


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





June 2013




June 5, 2013


deception dances to a slow hustle
before chanting crowds in angry refrain
potomac partners flexing new muscle
legalese to foster financial gain
deception demands a deadly demise
for opposing esteemed reputations
political posturing’s guilty guise
banter to hide power’s incantations
deception disappears in the day’s light
scurrying far away from public gaze
see not cunning fables to devise fright
beguiling stories to set truth ablaze
       deception garners popular allure
       department of evil righteous endure


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




liberty’s blood

June 17, 2013


dastardly leaders force innocence flee
before illegal actions that conspire
preaching promises truth will never see
to follow after nature’s death desire
contemplate the season signaled begin
to progressive power’s altar ascend
know not heresy’s treason from within
when elected criminals condescend
presidential patsies freedom recall
to silence prosperity’s peaceful stand
invasive snooping government install
to cover opposition’s reprimand
       secret orders penned in liberty’s blood
       can any ever stop the coming flood


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





July 2013




July 8, 2013


black robes trample upon justice falling
laying siege to life’s liberty once sown
remnants of simple memories calling
to victims of government overthrown
nine supremes misinterpret documents
written for a foundation tried and true
they shape their many morale arguments
according to man’s image seen askew
a death sentence imposed without remorse
on an unsuspecting population
oppression’s laws they solemnly endorse
to ensure your freedom’s abrogation
       speak up before your generation sold
       tyranny’s injustice makes herself bold


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




history’s child

July 30, 2013


third world nations rip themselves asunder
under internal opposition’s fire
brother against brother hear fear’s thunder
to spill blood imagination’s desire
murdered innocence haunting city streets
amid aroused excitement chanting death
secret orders from government elites
unreason carried upon evil’s breath
city after city lay themselves bare
at the altar of selfishness gone wild
destruction’s coming tonight unaware
beware the future of history’s child
       America teeters at death’s frontier
       turn back before liberty disappear


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





August 2013




August 21, 2013


close not your eyes against reality
starring into death’s bottomless abyss
open minds clearly see causality
knowing lib’ral veracity amiss
senseless grief upon innocence befall
beyond reason’s coincidence of life
when overwhelming debt safety recall
and healthcare mandates the mortician’s knife
retribution on working people rain
while welfare recipients ride for free
regulations regard destruction’s gain
as sweet success against prosperity
       lib’ral hatred stokes the embers of hell
       social redesign God’s freedom expel


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




august 28

August 28, 2013


tranquility falls prey at evil’s sword
brandished before America’s town square
where hatred the heart of lib’ral discord
and lying fables food for life’s despair
beware convincing tales of care’s desire
to provide for all necessity’s need
before oppression’s darkness death transpire
to elevate the congregation’s greed
take heed of the coming devastation
overtaking growing complacency
with unjust government regulation
and an out of control presidency
       remember equality’s famous dream
       cannot you now hear failure’s deadly scream


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





September 2013




September 9, 2013


history tells a different story
of power’s unabated appetite
rapacious consumption her true glory
and sons of anarchy her proselyte
she boldly blasphemes at evil’s altar
to pay homage to and obsession’s creed
singing songs from a different psalter
written to honor an ungrateful greed
amidst hallowed corridors an elite
hear eloquent words of complicity
and lingering acrimony replete
with the scent of hidden duplicity
       power’s corruption deception’s attire
       her only savior redemption’s desire


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




A Day to Remember

September 11, 2013


May the God of creation bless the United States of America.





September 22, 2013


politicians comprehend human greed
passing legislation for the public
creating utopia without creed
lawlessness replacing a republic
everyday people caught between factions
both illegal regulations impose
poverty covers many distractions
when lost liberty oppression dispose
apprehension stimulates awareness
of government created agony
uncontrolled spending obviates fairness
carelessness the author of apathy
       attention repays the smallest detail
       indifference calls evil to prevail


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





October 2013




October 4, 2013


man imagines many marvelous things
gathering around walden’s perfect pond
where lingering souls soar on eagle’s wings
and grab for life’s perfection just beyond
reality tells another story
of devastation knocking at the door
elected elite stealing all glory
demanding everyone sacrifice more
if only every person had it all
they say raising daily expectations
when the burden upon innocence fall
and freedom loses her declarations
       government deception rides a white horse
       cannot you see her death desire enforce


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




shutdown politics

October 17, 2013


shutdown politics grabs hold her players
more enticing than any other game
they imagine themselves dragon slayers
capturing history by fearless fame
each side demands self-righteousness pursue
confusion to ensnare a trusting heart
redefined definitions words accrue
anger against those with truth to impart
now then deceit never departs alone
out of her public forum’s gazing stare
yet daily people government bemoan
without ever standing up to despair
       political sides together conspire
       integrity falls prey to greed’s desire


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




liberty lingers

October 29, 2013


liberty lingers unmoved at east’s gate
patiently awaiting her child’s return
replayed memories of life’s lost estate
underscore her desperation’s concern
her ways remain right for generations
following after an ancient ideal
until there arise new expectations
of utopia government reveal
her disciples against oppression speak
now seeing clearly tyranny arise
destined to destroy morality’s meek
with systemic corruption they devise
       despair a politician’s champion
       integrity liberty’s guardian


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





November 2013




November 11, 2013


most children blindly trust adult teachers
who upon life’s amazing ways expound
describing humanity as preachers
when their lies reality’s truth impound
no longer remains any absolute
spoken aloud upon the public stage
where only those morally destitute
portray retribution’s growing outrage
lib’rals misleading a generation
with entitlements guaranteed for life
security to transform a nation
into welcoming the mortician’s knife
       memories of better times fade away
       oppression’s tyranny here now to stay


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





December 2013




December 5, 2013


integrity from a nation depart
before death destroy forever her soul
never to again her reason impart
wisdom to a people out of control
wherefore mysteries now unknown remain
beyond the reach of those who turn away
with reprobation for freedom disdain
against all who godly ethics display
they now repay ransomed reason for good
amid death’s darkness alone wandering
through shadows where once integrity stood
before destruction her path pondering
       hidden disciples her virtue endear
       cherished integrity come reappear


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





December 25, 2013


critical minds contemplate circumstance
to enforce rational reason’s demise
and to conceal deception’s deadly dance
of an old politician’s compromise
as power walks naked through government
unmoved by liberty’s lamenting cry
to offer up her sacred sacrament
on altar where evil goodness defy
imagine the day when virtue prevail
with abundance for security’s need
ever flowing freely without travail
to escape humanity’s toxic greed
       pleasant politicians with words deceive
       chastity lost can never evil grieve


Copyright © 2013 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






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