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January 2012



Let the Games Begin

January 3, 2012


Today sounds the official opening bell of the 2012 Republican presidential primary season. Today is the Iowa presidential GOP caucus, which will select Iowa’s delegates to the Republican nominating convention coming up this summer.

The year leading up to today has been a political rollercoaster ride, with Romney, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, and Paul leading at one time or another, and Santorum making a last minute surge into second or third place, depending on which polls you believe.

Lots of promises have been made, lots of babies have been kissed, and lots of ethnic food has been eaten, but do we really know where the candidates stand on the issues of interest to the electorate?

What is each candidate’s position on the mounting debt, now topping 15 trillion dollars, and with Obama wanting to raise the limit again by another 1.2 trillion dollars? With our federal deficit estimated at 1 to 1.5 trillion dollars for every year into the foreseeable future, the national debt will continue to grow out of control unless something is done to reverse this trend.

They all say they wand the debt lowered, but are they willing to cut spending by 2 trillion dollars a year to balance the budged and have enough left over to start paying down the debt? Or will they side with the Democrats because it is politically expedient, and approve raising taxes on an already hurting populace?

What will they do about ObamaCare? Will anyone really be willing to stick their neck out politically, buck the Washington political machine, and rally Congress to repeal it? Or will they be willing to overturn it via executive order? What about the strangling of Medicare and Medicaid? Who will stand up for our aged and hurting?

What about our unsecured porous borders? Will anyone be willing to make them secure, either with people or a fence or both? Where will the money come from to fund the securing of our borders?

What about terrorism? Will any of the candidates continue to make terrorism a high priority within the US borders, and around the world? Where will the money come from to fund the battle?

What about energy independence? Will any of the candidates get rid of the oppressive Gestapo tactics of the EPA that causes energy prices to remain high, causes business and household expenses to remain high, refuses to allow offshore oil and gas drilling, refuses to allow refineries to be built in this country, refuses to allow coal burning plants to continue to operate, and refuses to allow the production of incandescent light bulbs?

What about the international threats fom Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, and many other countries which would like to see the collapse of the US economy and the enslavement of the American people?

Hopefully you get my point. Our once great country appears to be on the precipice of danger. If we tip slightly to the left we will continue our slide into world oblivion as a study for the history books, like Rome and England. If we tip slightly to the right we may be able to recover from the looming problems that threaten to tear down our Constitution and our Federal Republic.

It’s time to choose. I hope we can all choose wisely, and save our once great country from ruin.




Rule of Law

January 7, 2012


This past week President Obama has ignored the rule of law provided by the US Constitution and appointed Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and three others as new members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Obama made these appointments in direct violation of the US Constitution by not gaining Senate advice and consent first. Additionally, they are not considered recess appointments since the Senate was officially in session when he made them; and the Senate could not adjourn without the express approval of the House, which was not given.

So through these illegal appointments the sitting President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has violated Article 1 Section 5 and Article 2 Section 2 of the US Constitution, thereby showing once again his disdain for the rule of law and his lack of concern and understanding for our founding documents and our unique way of life.

Obama is out of control, legally! Who can and will stand up to him and say ‘No’?

Both Congress and the Supreme Court have shown themselves impotent in maintaining the rule of law when violated by the Executive branch. Neither has been able or willing to reign in Obama’s blatant violations of his Constitutional powers.

Who will defend the US Constitution against this direct abuse of power? Will Mark Levin and the Landmark Legal Foundation? Will the Heritage Foundation? Will the Rutherford Institute? Will the American Center for Law and Justice?

Is there any organization out there with the resources and the will to speak for the American people and the US Constitution against these direct acts of tyranny?

Maybe this is too much to ask. Maybe it’s too difficult a fight; and maybe there are no more superheroes left in the world willing to fight for life, liberty, and justice in America.

If you are out there in the vast amorphousness of the internet I beseech you to take up this cause; because if you do not then we are all destined to continue watching the rapid decline of this once great nation into tyranny and anarchy, which inevitably comes with the absence of a healthy respect for the rule of law.

Now is the time for everyone who shares my views to speak up loudly in the public forum before it is too late.

I hope and pray that I am not a lone voice in the American political wilderness.




No More Debt

January 13, 2012


With the current debt ceiling standing at just under 15.2 trillion dollars, Barack Obama, our spender-in-chief, is asking Congress for the debt limit to be raised once again by another 1.2 trillion dollars. This increase means that the debt ceiling will have been raised by over 6.7 trillion dollars during Obama’s first three years as President, making him the biggest spender of all our Presidents.

In fact, with this increase, Obama will increase the US debt more than all Presidents combined from Washington through Clinton.

This is unconscionable! This is the work of a President that does not care one whit about the long term trouble he is causing the American people, our children, and our children’s children. His actions show that he only cares about himself and the political favors he can accumulate.

Obama and his administration are out of control, and Congress is incapable or unwilling to stop them.

So what can you and I do about this horrific situation we find our once great country in?

Our founding fathers left us with only one alternative, according to the US Constitution.

All we can do is make sure Obama gets voted out of office in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election, and pray that the next President is willing and capable to undo all the spending, taxation, regulations, and start paying down the notional debt.

But who of the Republican candidates will be willing and capable of making the difficult decisions, and doing what we need to get this once great country back on the road to prosperity and security? And can they do anything without a Republican House and a Republican Senate?

Based on what we know of the candidate’s track records, this is how I believe they will each deal with the problems facing the American people.

Romney talks big, but he will not stick his political neck out to reverse anything Obama and his administration has done. He may slow it down, but he will never reverse ObamaCare, spending, taxes, regulations, and begin to pay down the debt.

Paul talks like he is capable of dismantling our huge federal government, and thereby reduce spending, but he will do the same for our domestic and international security, and put us in danger of falling prey to Iran, Al Qaeda, China, and others who wand to see our once great nation destroyed.

Gingrich talks big about doing great things, and he has great ideas, but his track record as Speaker of the House is a failure when it comes to follow through, and actually doing what he says he will do.

Santorum is great on social conservative maters, and he will definitely try to do all he says on this subject, but he is not a fiscal conservative. His track record shows him to be a big spending Republican like Bush 43. The term for him is a “compassionate conservative.”

Perry is capable and willing to do what is needed, based on his track record in Texas, however he is incapable of making his case to the American people. The fact that he got only 1% of the primary vote in New Hampshire is proof of his short comings.

Huntsman, if elected, will probably resign the office, since that’s what he did as governor of Utah and as ambassador to China. It seems he likes the challenge in the beginning, then gets bored, and moves on, leaving everyone in the lurch.

So, where does this leave us?

We are left with no viable candidate! Not one of them is willing and able to lead us out of the economic mess we find ourselves in these days.

Thomas Jefferson, our third President, said “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating a bloody revolution to bring our country back to actually following the Constitution and the rule of law. There are many things I like about what Jefferson did as President, but I am not a fan of the way he went about doing what he did.

My point in bringing up this Jefferson quote is to remind the American people that we need to shake things up in Washington, we need to shake up the political elite who think they know what is best for the rest of the populace.

Now is the time to throw Obama and his cronies out of office. Now is the time to throw every tax and spend liberal politician out of Washington.

Now is the time for someone to lead us out of debt by cutting spending, cutting taxes, cutting regulations, and reducing the deficit.

Now is the time for the dark horse candidate to step up to their calling and lead this country back to its greatness and prosperity and compassion for those less fortunate around the world.




Debate Excitement

January 27, 2012


Last night was the second debate this week in the lead up to the Florida Republican presidential primary battle. It reminded me of a schoolgirl scuffle in the school yard at recess.

“She pushed me.”

“She pulled my hair!”

You get my point. Romney and Gingrich are going at each other, attacking each other’s stability, integrity, and character. As far as I could tell, Romney got in some good self-righteous indignation, while Gingrich did some great “aw shucks” posing for the camera, and Santorum won the night with his relentless attack on RomneyCare.

All and all, not as good as watching a “Die Hard” movie rerun on late night TV.

Gingrich even showed some of his renowned out-of-the-box strategic thinking with his recommendation for a newly renewed space program, financed largely by the private sector I’m sure he thought it would be almost as great an idea as Kennedy’s space program challenge targeted for the close of the 1960’s.

It surprises me that no one ever thought to bring up the fact that it was the early space program and the need for miniaturization to save weight in the space craft so it could break out of earth orbit that gave America the ingenuity to invent the microcomputer and its needed space saving memory.

It was the inventions of the early space program that brought us the computer revolution of the 70’s and 80’s and the resulting microwave, cell phone, iPod, and internet revolution of the 90’s and beyond. This technological revolution also brought with it incredible economic growth and the significantly increased personal wealth of thousands of nerds and entrepreneurs throughout America.

While Gingrich’s idea of a renewed space program is crazy at a time when the federal government is drowning in accumulated debt, and Romney and Santorum were right to jump on him from this perspective; however, if financed through private sector entrepreneurs, and not the public sector, this could be a good way to stimulate economic growth.

Though, looking around we see no exciting emerging technology markets on the horizon. The computer industry is about as mature as it gets before the end market dynamics of company consolidation is complete. While not as far along, the same is true for the internet, cell phone, and intelligent handheld device markets.

Entrepreneurs are looking around for the next great emerging technology market. The real question is “could space be that market?”

I like Gingrich’s out-of-the-box thinking, but it’s just a stab in the dark. It’s a repeat of last century’s brilliance by a President who has been dead for almost fifty years.

We need some new thinking to grasp the people’s imagination and the entrepreneur’s attention. Some new technology industry that can fuel the growth of our once great country for the next fifty years.

I grew up and spent my whole working life in the technology industry, so permit a nerd to dream big dreams.

Ok! I’m back down to earth, now.

While we’re waiting for the nerds and entrepreneurs to save the day, there is something we can do to help get our once great country back on track to be great once again.

We can force our federal government to stop spending money they do not have; we can force a balanced budget amendment to ensure that this does not happen again; and we can force the executive branch to stop imposing job-killing regulations on businesses and services across this great country.

But the only way to do this is to elect fiscal conservatives to the Presidency and to the House and Senate in this year’s elections.

Romney won’t do it! Even his own people said publically that he would not really repeal ObamaCare, for example. He doesn’t like to take risky steps, and risk is what we need to fix the problems with a government that is unresponsive to the people’s voice.

Santorum won’t do it! He’s a social conservative, not a fiscal conservative. He has a big government, big spending track record. He’s a “compassionate conservative” like Bush 43.

Paul might do it, if he surrounds himself with good people to help, and has a Congress who will go along. But it wouldn’t matter, because this country would be destroyed from without when he strips our military’s ability to fight a war on multiple fronts at a time when Iran, China, and others are getting more aggressive.

Gingrich might do it, too, if he also surrounds himself with great people who can implement his grandiose ideas, and has a conservative Congress that will go along. He even talks tough on military, defense, and national security. But he’s so erratic and unpredictable. Who knows what he would actually do?

Who else is left?

Oh! Nobody.

Well, now what? Where’s the dark horse candidate?

Where’s the savior of America? Will he, or she, come in our lifetime? Maybe?

But then, only God saves. No matter what happens to our once great country God’s still sitting on His thrown in heaven.

It’s time to speak up in the public forum.





February 2012




February 4, 2012


speaking simple words of misdirection
his head held high above the common crowd
people unprotesting his deception
pride ever dancing in eyes never bowed
traveling ’round the country day and night
with fortune’s enigmatic fortitude
promises made to cure poverty’s plight
eliciting worship and gratitude
portraying himself another savior
representing everyone’s own int’rest
platitudes conceal his true behavior
’til desperation’s flight made manifest
       integrity and honor nowhere found
       Obama ready lying to confound


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




Religious Persecution

February 10, 2012


America was founded upon the principle of religious freedom by groups of people who put their lives and fortunes at risk coming to a new world where they were free to worship any way they wanted to, where the state had no say in the matter.

It was upon this solid foundation of religious freedom that our founding fathers stood when they penned the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Amendment 1 of the Constitution starts out with “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; …”

Amendment 1 states that Congress cannot make any laws that favor one religion over another. We know from letters and articles written by the founders that they feared the intrusion of a state sponsored religion, as was prevalent throughout Europe at the time.

Amendment 1 also states that Congress cannot prevent the exercise of any religion, or prevent the practice of any specific religious tenet. The intent of this provision seems clear to us now, that the people of America were to be left alone to carry out the individual tenets of their religion, without interference from the federal government.

As with any provision in a legal document, there are always loopholes left for creative people to skirt the provision as intended.

For example, the Amendment does not offer any limitations or exclusions to how religion is practiced. This is where the federal and Supreme courts have helped over the years by closing the loopholes left by our founders.

One such example of a loophole might be the carrying out of a murder in the name of a specific religious tenet.

Is it lawful, for example, to murder someone just because one of the religious tenets says murder is required if another of the tenets is broken?

Of course not!

My point is that we have many examples in the history of our country where moral conscience dictates that the secular law must override a specific religious tenet, like murder.

So why then the big fuss over Obama’s mandate that religious organizations must include abortion and contraception in the federally mandated health insurance provided to their employees?

This is no big deal! Right?


According to the Catholic religious tenets, abortion and contraception are the equivalent of the murdering of an unborn or yet to be conceived child; and many other religions agree with this tenet.

Here we have the federal government arguing religious freedom means allowing women healthcare access to abortion and contraception, even when the religious tenets say otherwise.

To put it into the proper perspective, we have the federal government wanting to force the Catholic church, and other religious organizations, to allow their employees church sponsored and church funded access to abortion and contraception, which the church considers the equivalent of murdering an unborn or yet to be conceived child.

This is bizarre! We have our amoral federal government arguing morality on behalf murder, even when a morally conscious religious organization says it goes against their religious tenets to murder.

This sounds like something out of Chairman Mao’s little red book. He’s the one who said “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Well in our country political power hasn’t grown out of the barrel of a gun, but out of the tearing down of the intentions of our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution of the United States of America.

This double think, where our government is arguing that murder is allowed in the name of religious freedom when it comes to abortion and contraception, but not when it comes to beheadings and revenge murders, is the result of a bloodless revolution carried out in the United States of America over the last century by the progressive amoral left.

When will America wake up, and say ‘Enough is enough?’

When will we set aside our complacency and begin to fight for what we believe in?

We need to fight against every leftist politician in office, and seeking office. It’s time to throw them and their progressive amoral leftist agenda out of office.

It’s time to make our morality heard loudly and clearly in the public forum.

Speak up now, before it’s too late.




Breitbart at CPAC

February 11, 2012


This is a great video of Andrew Breitbart on Obama and the progressive left at CPAC.

(It may not work in IE, try Firefox or Chrome to view the video.)




Obama Doublespeak

February 14, 2012


Yesterday Obama announced his fiscal year 2013 budget proposal at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale Virginia, where he floated the idea that not raising taxes is a form of government spending.

Is it just me, or does this also strike you as some sort of political Orwellian doublespeak? Up is down, left is right, good is evil, and spending more gets you out of debt.

Obama’s fundamental premise in thinking that not taxing someone, we the people, is considered spending exposes his true motives when it comes to our money, the money we work very hard and long to earn.

He believes that the money we the people earn is already his, the government’s, money and that not taking it from us in the form of taxes is the very same as spending it on us.

This is absolutely absurd! It’s not his, or the government’s, money. It’s ours; we earned it; and if he thinks of it as his, what’s to stop him from wanting to take it all one day, and give us a little food and broken down shelter and tattered clothes in return?

This is the same thinking that permeated the central committee in Russia under communism. They took all the money, the best housing, the best food, and the best clothes and left the dregs for the common people. They didn’t care about the people, only about what they could squeeze out of the corrupt system for themselves.

Does anyone out there notice the similarities between communist Russia then and what’s happening in the United States of America now?

Fortunately, communism didn’t survive Reagan. He spent them to death trying to maintain in the cold war armament game. Although, then the communists didn’t know they had large reserves of oil, which could generate large reserves of cash to spend on newer and better armaments.

And we continue the ‘spend till you drop’ mentality under Bush 43 and Obama; and then to add insult to injury, we stopped the drilling for and production of our own oil reserves.

You know the rest of the story. We’re currently over 15 trillion dollars in debt, and Obama’s latest budget proposal calls for adding another 1 trillion dollars to the debt this year, and adding another 1.33 trillion dollars next year, in fiscal year 2013.

But then, WOW, he promises to reduce the debt by 4 trillion dollars by 2022, which, according to the CBO, is already projected to be in excess of 25 trillion dollars by then.

What a magnanimous hero this Obama!

That means that by 2022 the national debt will only be in excess of 21 trillion dollars. Let’s all celebrate in the streets!

It’s time for we the people to wake up and smell the garbage doublespeak of Obama and his progressive amoral leftist cronies. They are going to spend us into oblivion if we don’t rise up and stop them.

Edmund Burke said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Please don’t let evil triumph.

Speak up now in the public forum. Make your voice heard.

Before it’s too late.




Geithner Obfuscation

February 17, 2012


Geithner tries to circumvent and obfuscate the truth about Obama's America killing budget when questioned by Paul Ryan.  Geithner admits that the administration has no plan to reduce the deficit, but he does admit that they do not like Ryan's plan.




President’s Day

February 20, 2012


Today is President’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate the lives and contributions of all past presidents of this once great nation.

I say ‘once great nation’ because today it appears as though one seeks the office of President of the United States of America for personal ambition, power, and monetary gain. In contrast, George Washington did not seek the office at all; he was sought after by his countrymen, and fellow founders of the greatest republican experiment of all times, to run for the office.

Washington would have preferred to remain in Virginia managing Mount Vernon and his other farms, in retirement after leading the Revolutionary army to success during the long drawn out war for independence with Great Britain.

Washington’s motives, clearly represented in his surviving letters, and especially in his Farewell Address of 1796, show us that he neither wanted the office, nor wanted to continue after his first term, but was willing to set aside his own personal desires to serve his fledgling nation in order to guarantee that it got off on the right foot, and continued to navigate the external threats of the time.

Washington selflessly gave himself to the service of his country in order to ensure it survived infancy. Without his selfless contribution the new nation would have torn itself apart politically over the diverse interests of the northern and southern states, or over the war-provoking behavior of the European monarchs on the open seas.

This is why George Washington becomes the epitome of, and the poster child for, the holiday we lovingly call President’s Day.

It would be nice to see this kind of selfless sacrifice in the land of the living, in the behavior and attitudes of our current President, and in those Republicans seeking the nomination for the office.

But alas, there doesn’t appear to be one in the whole lot who is willing to put the needs and issues of the entire country ahead of their own personal ambition, power, and monetary gain, or even ahead of their own political party.

The days of selfless service are over.

Please pray for our nation, and that God would raise up leaders cut from the same cloth as George Washington.

Our nation is only as great as the people who serve it.




Santorum on Santorum

February 21, 2012


Santorum, in an interview with Hannity, addresses the current attacks on his statement that Obama’s environmental values represent a phony theology.

Here Santorum discusses his views on the forced contraception mandate by the Obama administration, saying that it is an attack on freedom of religion.




King Obama

February 22, 2012


In addition to taking a page out of the conservative Republican playbook by offering up lower corporate tax rates, which will never pass in the Democrat led Senate, and which will only drive up our national debt faster without offsetting spending cuts, Obama said yesterday “When Congress refuses to act, Joe and I are going to act.”

Obama continued, saying “In the months to come, wherever we have an opportunity, we’re going to take steps on our own to keep this economy moving.”

Then he said “With or without Congress, I’m going to continue to fight for them (the middle class). I do hope Congress joins me instead of spending the coming months in a lot of phony political debates focusing on the next election.”

With these statements he announced his intention to expand the federal government’s purchase of bio-products, to promote rural job creation efforts, and to develop a rural healthcare IT based workforce.

One can only wonder who he’s paying off, whose votes he is buying, with these three presidential projects.

While these ideas appear to be admirable on the surface, they represent yet another attempt by the Executive Branch to usurp power from the Legislative Branch, ignoring the checks and balances set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America.

These statements represent an ongoing attitude by Obama and his administration to do whatever he alone thinks is right for the people and the country without any concern for what the people and their duly elected representatives want.

He has done this from the beginning of his term by setting up job killing regulations via his czars at the EPA and NLRB, to mention two, that illegally implement costly cap and trade policies and destroy non-union job opportunities for Americans wanting to work, all without Legislative approval.

With his rhetoric Obama is setting himself above the political fray that has been the backbone of our federal republic from the beginning. Obama is saying that he and his ideas are more important than the political process set up by our Constitution, that the President’s power is more important than that of the Legislature and the Judiciary, and that the will of the people is of no concern to him.

This man thinks like a monarch, talks like a monarch, and acts like a monarch. All he needs now is the title of a monarch.

Well I’m here to say that this monarch has no clothes! His actions and statements are a transparent roadmap to the thoughts and desires of his heart.

It’s time for the great people of this once great country to rise up in opposition to the direction Obama and his progressive minions are taking us.

The Constitution states very clearly that Obama works for us, we the people, and if we are dissatisfied with his performance on our behalf then we have the right, and the responsibility, to throw him out of office and replace him with someone who has our best interests at heart.

Obama, as President, is supposed to serve the people of the United States of America, not the other way around.

Public office is intended to be public service, not bleeding the public dry of all their money and resources, not getting rich and powerful at the public’s expense.

The only one Obama serves is himself and his progressive minions.

It’s time to fight back! It’s time to speak up loudly in the public forum.

Our nation is only as great as the people who serve it.





February 26, 2012


life overwhelms us at sundry times
falling prey to a world hating the meek
when nothing can be done but writing rhymes
and standing on the wall for those who seek
poverty attacks from all directions
devouring today both rich and poor
poverty leads many insurrections
against evil’s hand lurking at the door
cannot One’s goodness restore life’s standing
before multitudes of helpless hunger
today’s world has a way of demanding
deceit’s deception in worthless anger
       the world devours us unsuspecting
       only the One’s promises protecting


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





March 2012




March 3, 2012


in the streets wailing and lamentation
for growing hunger never satisfied
mourning faces bright in expectation
for a people turned away horrified
not now knowing even where to begin
or how to help a world in groaning pain
Christ’s community must now turn within
for simple ways to fight poverty’s gain
people helping with food clothing shelter
all who silently plead for help indeed
cannot tenderness displace disaster
with determined patients sowing His seed
       poverty stands not sorrow’s chance this day
       when grace abounds with love to all display


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




despotic contenders

March 7, 2012


prices soar beyond reason’s demanding
for necessities and fossil fuel
politicians now together banding
’round economic destruction cruel
progressives attack conservative foes
finding only incompetence at home
both driving prosperity to new lows
and recording all in history’s tome
blogs abound with righteous indignation
fervently warning against freedom’s loss
politically forced deprivation
enslaving everyone in double cross
       where then find we liberty’s defenders
       hidden among despotic contenders


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




Radical In Chief

March 10, 2012


Andrew Breitbart came up with a great video from Obama’s Harvard days, which shows Obama for the radical he is; especially when he says “Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell”. Hannity shows a clip of Bell where he says he “lives to harass white folks”; and then he goes on to interview Thomas Sowell to discuss Derrick Bell.




Ryan’s Budget Plan

March 21, 2012


House budget chairman Paul Ryan has put together an alternative budget proposal, alternative that is to the Democrat’s plan of out of control spending with out the limitations of a budget, that focuses on cutting spending, cutting taxes, and reducing the national debt.

It’s about time that someone in Washington, Democrat or Republican, is willing to stand up for the American people, and against business as usual in Washington, with a real proposal to fix the crushing economic problems facing our country.

This is a great start!

If we do nothing, and allow Washington to continue its out of control spending, then we will follow countries like Greece over the cliff to financial ruin.

I urge everyone to contact your Representatives and Senators in Washington, and tell them to support the Ryan Budget plan.

When the people speak up, Washington changes direction.

Now is the time to speak up in the public forum.





April 2012



Tax Time

April 7, 2012


In a little over a week all Americans must file tax returns with the IRS; but only 53 % of us will actually have to pay taxes on the money we earned, while the other 47% will not.

Income redistribution is alive and well in the United States of America, and has been since the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1913.

Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution allowed for taxation in a variety of ways, but all were required to be “uniform throughout the United States”; that is, equally applied to the states according to their respective populations.

This was interpreted then to mean that the percentage was to be applied equally to each individual, not progressively, according to each individual’s income.

That’s why an amendment to the Constitution was needed to create a progressive income tax.

Short term income taxes had already been implemented before; but they were equally applied, not progressive.

We are experiencing today the inequalities imposed by the Sixteenth Amendment’s progressive income tax.

If 47% of the people pay no taxes, then they don’t care if the Obama administration increases the tax rates on the “rich”, on everyone making more than 200 thousand dollars, or on every single person in the country.

It’s no money out of their pockets!

But the 47% do care about electing people into office who will continue to protect them from the 53%, and from paying their fair share of the cost of running our federal government

It makes me realize how prescient our founding fathers were in wanting taxation to be applied uniformly throughout the country.

They knew that non-uniform application of laws would lead to a severely divided country, as it has.

Jefferson was the most vocal about how the laws being passed by Congress would favor the northern bankers over the southern farmers. He may have gotten a little over exuberant in his arguments, but his point is well taken, given the outcome experienced in today’s socio-economic divide.

Obama, because of his communist leaning and his Alinsky training, is the worst of all our American Presidents in perpetrating this divide on the American people.

His administration and policies are adept at using every major issue facing this country to divide us along social and economic lines. Just look at his policies and actions on taxation, spending, debt, energy, the environment, unemployment, and more.

Obama is also adept at using these issues to keep we the people so wrapped up in trying to pay our bills, keeping a roof over our heads, and keeping our families fed, that we will sit by silently and do nothing while he is transforming our country from a strong federal republic into a weak, socialized, and pathetic third world dictatorship.

Do you like the path our once great country is currently following?

It’s a path to the destruction of every American principle we hold near and dear, and for which American blood has been spilled since the mid eighteenth century.

Now is the time for every patriot and great American to stand up to the Obama administration and say “This far, and no farther!”

If we wait and let Obama get reelected it may not be possible to turn the tide back to the freedom and liberty promised in the Constitution of the United States of America

If we wait, it may be too late to stem the advancing tide of the progressive left and their divisive elitist attitudes and actions.

It’s time to act!

It’s time to speak up in the public forum.




Waiting for John Galt

April 18, 2012


Obama wants the government to control healthcare, banking, energy, the environment, and much more. He thinks that the government and government bureaucrats know what’s best for individual Americans. Even better than we know for ourselves, and for our families.

Obama is really not that different from Johnson, Carter, Clinton, or even Bush 41 or Bush 43, when it comes to putting the welfare of society ahead of the welfare of the individual and of the family.

He is just more in your face about it. His Alinsky social activist training in the halls of Chicago politics serve him well in this regard.

Obama doesn’t care what the American people want. He doesn’t even care about our democratic rule of law when it comes to pushing his social and economic leftist agenda. He does what he and his leftist handlers want through executive orders, without the oversight and consent of Congress.

And Congress and the Supreme Court have been so emasculated by political correctness and the doctrines of fairness that they cower in the corner, letting him do whatever he wants to the American republic, and especially to the future security of the American people, and to the future security of the American family.

But this is probably not anything new to anyone who is reading this post!

This has been a slowly progressing cancer in the body politic for as long as I can remember.

Social progressivism has had some good effects on the American way of life, such as the institution of child labor laws, and especially the civil rights movement and the institution of civil rights legislation.

However, some of its successes, such as education, unionization, and regulation, have turned sour with the passage of time and with the solidification of political power within the federal government.

So then, here we are in the second decade of the twenty-first century, trying to live with the rotting fruit of the socialist progressive agenda.

Today, our educational institutions are more concerned with teaching political correctness, social justice, and the doctrines of fairness than they are in the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Today, our unions are more concerned with consolidating political power and destroying the individual’s right to work in a non-union shop than they are with the well being and equitable treatment of employees under their protection.

Today, our federal government, and especially Obama’s administration, are more concerned with regulating healthcare, banking, energy, the environment, and every aspect of business and life than they are in making sure we have a secure, prosperous, and free society that protects the individual’s rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Today, our society is so divided along ideological lines and so concerned with winning the ideological battles that we have lost sight of the true goal of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our founders wanted to create a land where individuals could live free from tyranny and oppression, free from a government that controlled every aspect of life, and business, and religion.

However, in our battle of ideologies we have forgotten about the individual, the family, the community, the local business, and the local church.

We have forgotten about God, and His precepts of loving your neighbor, of turning the other cheek, and of helping those who are less fortunate among us.

When a society takes God out of the education of our children and out of the halls of our government and out of the fundamental fabric of our society, what do you think the result will be?

Well, just look around. You cannot miss the effects. You cannot miss the way people disrespect each other, and the way our political battles are fought in the gutters of social discourse. There is no longer any civility in how we deal with one another.

Shouldn’t we expect more of ourselves? And from each other?

It’s like each side, the left and the right, is trying so hard to make the other side say uncle. It’s like each side is waiting for the voice of the mythical John Galt to come booming out of nowhere to tell us we have lost sight of the real goal of our founding fathers.

It’s like we are waiting for him to whop us upside the head and tell us to get our society back on track.

But John Galt cannot save us!

There is only one Savior! He came more than two thousand years ago; and He only saves individual souls from destruction, not society from itself.

So it’s time to stop waiting. It’s time to act!

Now is the time to bring order and civility back into our society. Now is the time to bring back the founding principles of our once great nation.

If you and I don’t, then who will?





May 2012



demon’s death

May 6, 2012


when one partakes of different thinking
then brought about by artificial means
assaults on a desperate mind sinking
beneath reality’s intended scenes
cannot your inner self survive alive
amidst life’s crying pressure to succeed
entreating passion never to deprive
when fondest fantasy can not recede
your end lingers in shadows yet unseen
mustering deadly forces to deploy
wake up your inner self to intervene
before the shadow’s forces do destroy
       hear not silent whispers of life’s last breath
       before the Lord’s hand conquers demon’s death


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




bane of Obama

May 25, 2012


prayer for power deceives a hurting heart
when thinking subtle thoughts of destruction
incantations never seem to depart
from walls built for personal protection
stellar distance separates a brother
seeking self-satisfaction’s gratitude
cannot you stop to comfort another
broken by political platitude
destiny’s child shines forth evil’s essence
whenever acting the people’s behalf
ignoring all but lucifer’s presence
ages passing withstanding garden’s gaff
       deceiving masses hollywood’s drama
       veracity now the bane of Obama


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




freedom’s pay

May 30, 2012


honored soldiers securing freedom’s wall
throughout the numerous generations
what fortitude finishing freedom’s call
loudly made by founder’s expectations
heard resounding from revolution’s war
oppression falling to independence
cannot you see them closing freedom’s door
bowing down to government ascendance
two worlds confronting national unity
pulling prosperity wounded in tow
see not now divisive’s insanity
destroying freedom’s sacrifice just so
       sad memories this Memorial day
       what passage toll the cost of freedom’s pay


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





June 2012



humanity’s destruction

June 6, 2012


cannot truth be found these turbulent days
amidst economic insanity
see not poverty coming through the haze
of broken promises’ reality
children crying for comforts demanding
from parents determined to keep alive
governmental agencies commanding
explosive regulations that deprive
workers lined up against oppression’s wall
for a paradise unattainable
hearing financial security’s call
of liberty now unsustainable
       progressive’s darkest powers standing here
       humanity’s destruction coming near


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




union bosses

June 11, 2012


long shadows crawl across the forest floor
as time’s approaching deadline transpires
city streets erupting violence more
now occupied by selfish desires
songs of kumbaya can never reveal
the darkest depths of any human heart
gracious sounding words will always conceal
unseen motives designed to tear apart
freedom’s dissatisfaction disrupts life
of inner city dwellers fighting on
all living there react to jobless strife
and debt relief ideas now spat upon
       confessions of political losses
       calibrate the truth of union bosses


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




life’s apprehension

June 15, 2012


see the Lord coming in all His glory
love on His left and justice on His right
be still and know the truth of His story
spoken in every language in His sight
many hear of His triumphs in battle
and believe because of an open heart
while others thing it an old man’s prattle
deception to those ego set apart
Sodom and Gomorrah stand His witness
made manifest to each generation
see today’s world consumed in emptiness
unknowing His proper veneration
       Father’s comfort surrounds His children’s grief
       life’s apprehension conquered by belief


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




destruction’s goal

June 23, 2012


governmental abuse running rampant
radiating out from the white house door
occupiers singing greed’s hymnal chant
coveting unspoken prizes the more
left and right wrestle insanity’s mind
as media matters’ words spoken loud
savage actions only serve to remind
of power’s madness hyping evil’s crowd
department heads boldly steal with both hands
while blatantly blaming the other side
dying businesses strewn across the lands
emptied of resources by ransom’s bride
       hear not now liberty bell’s missing toll
       Obama playing out destruction’s goal


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




love unseen

June 26, 2012


under the altar rest all the souls slain
for the Lord’s testimony they held fast
how long O Lord ’til we know our soul’s gain
and our blood avenged on the earth at last
one hundred forty four thousand called out
as servants of God on their foreheads sealed
every tribe of Israel without doubt
holy chosen children in time revealed
behold a great unnumbered multitude
from all the many kindred of the earth
standing before the Lamb in gratitude
their white robes revealing heaven’s new birth
       the Lamb’s blood washes tribulation clean
       wiping away all tears in love unseen


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




the din

June 29, 2012


constitutional rights trodden under
by fast talking bureaucrats knowing best
written words’ timeless truth torn asunder
by lying leftist leaders’ plunder quest
Jefferson will not ever understand
why big government allowed to exist
cannot you hear him from his grave demand
politicians quickly cease and desist
Roberts skillfully wrestling the line
of the commerce clause leaning closer right
no longer now can the left redefine
massive taxes to mandate fancy’s flight
       Obama’s legislation winning spin
       repeal’s resounding battle call the din


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





July 2012



freedom lost

July 5, 2012


when freedom falls folly to evil’s reign
under economic persecution
silence replaces liberty’s refrain
with words of Creator’s execution
independence in dark shadows hiding
from occupiers seeking to destroy
revolution’s patriots abiding
behind battle lines ready to deploy
seven trumpets resounding freedom’s call
across a land once held in high esteem
liberty’s history reminding all
how only spilling precious blood redeem
       must not each generation count the cost
       when nation’s voters know not freedom lost


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




lady liberty’s call

July 8, 2012


why not seize you then the day called today
declaring boldly inner inventions
serve not light’s goodness nor darkness display
when showing forth your heart’s true intentions
why sing sad songs of pleasant times gone by
objecting not to excessive tax raised
can not you see clouds gather in the sky
fierce battles for progressive power praised
why no longer throwing tea overboard
when protesting rapacious behavior
see not precious blood spilled by evil’s hoard
remembering not the people’s Savior
       watchman awaken upon our nation’s wall
       protect again lady liberty’s call


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




Obama’s politics

July 16, 2012


once mighty rivers surrender her dead
signaling times of transition anew
fierce storms gather at the borders of dread
seeing reality alas askew
occupied cities show forth destruction
with democracy quickly retreating
city in the stars under construction
haven of evil envy entreating
north winds announce new ways to inflict pain
hope and change renounce American life
leftist lies encompass truth with disdain
Pravda’s public rantings radiate strife
       songs of social injustice sing aloud
       Obama’s politics makes Karl Marx proud


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




evil’s dark days

July 23, 2012


long lingering lies float upon the air
from felony accusations loudly spoken
voter’s minds locked in a thousand yard stare
beaten by media madness broken
midnight movies manifest deadly tears
for violence erupting with a crack
gunshots speaking words everyone now hears
ignoring all warnings of an attack
safety surrenders sadly to power
of political corruption’s disguise
leftist lies seek reason to devour
anticipating truth’s coming demise
       see not now the joker’s oppressive ways
       only One stands against evil’s dark days


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





August 2012




August 6, 2012


above all stands my God mighty and true
with hand outstretched to those who clearly see
decide within your heart whom to pursue
and so doing will ever define thee
ask of Him your innermost desire
with patience to direct your countenance
make known to Him whom you most admire
God’s great goodness or your own impudence
see Him to whom all glory due today
with love’s expectation filling your heart
announce acceptance of your debt repay
when His merciful grace sets you apart
       choose you to follow after worldly lusts
       or follow Him whose treasure never rusts


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




freedom’s abduction

August 16, 2012


elected spokesmen come from far and wide
to voice opinions on liberty’s fall
everyday common sense falls prey to pride
when in response to greed’s attraction call
once eloquent speeches fall on deaf ears
each jockeying to promote their own views
hometown people abandoned to their fears
by tyranny’s useless words to accuse
newly established rules oppress the weak
costly regulations locking down doors
can any understand what leaders seek
when deception slides across polished floors
       human reason cowers to seduction
       congress now fathers freedom’s abduction


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




for pennies sold

August 21, 2012


fabricated arguments spoken here
lies erected on shifting foundations
truth by black magic made to disappear
dark wizards throwing up incantations
false promises of hope lead one astray
by fairness ideals of ruling elite
humanity’s downtrodden now display
a long lost fragrance covered by deceit
dark deeds in eloquent abundance grow
lushly watered daily and hidden hung
forgotten innocence no longer know
joyful songs in youthful ecstasy sung
       even heroes can stumble before gold
       freedom’s moral compass for pennies sold


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





September 2012




September 2, 2012


woes can come quickly when unexpected
upon all seeking fame and fortune first
Godly principles thrown out rejected
unprotected from night’s lightening burst
woe to hypocrites wallowing undone
in their very own devastating deeds
self-righteousness from beginning begun
by fondly following ungodly creeds
woe to politicians of destruction
who in sincerity clearly sell peace
they blindly follow hidden instruction
a multitude of innocence to fleece
       woe befalls all seeking evil’s own way
       consequences revealed when God repay


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





September 19, 2012


can politics of destruction not fail
when ego’s instrument of lies replete
see than how man upon man evil rail
dark words secretly spoken strength deplete
politician’s overspending abounds
where government thievery committed
hard work’s repayment oppression compounds
whenever social fairness permitted
politician’s confusion rings aloud
for liberty bell’s silence greed’s excess
deceit’s principles corruption avowed
’til hidden confessions death repossess
       political lies renounce overgrown
       hear only truth spoken by His alone


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





October 2012



ancient crusades

October 14, 2012


al qaeda’s footprints leave long trails unseen
covered over by winds of arab spring
insurgents before rolling cam’ras preen
exposing empty songs corrupt hearts sing
rioters clamor for justice revealed
yet murder and rape in God’s precious name
true motives speak volumes with bombs concealed
exploding hope of heaven’s lasting fame
government officials cower in fear
of retribution’s hand crushing free speech
can you apprehend whatsoever clear
proceeding from death satan’s children teach
       wanton men resurrect ancient crusades
       only Jesus’ truth by His love persuades


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




election’s hope

October 28, 2012


modern day warriors take public stage
boldly jousting before fate’s fair princess
everyday people hopelessly engage
seeking calm overtaken by distress
hostile forces take our capitol siege
fervently hiding stories of a fall
common goodness clouded by lie’s prestige
and evil’s heart seeks liberty’s recall
time’s grandfather clock slowly running down
while world’s greatest actors await stage left
future king’s courtesans prepare his crown
his soul revealed integrity bereft
       empty words lead many a man astray
       election’s hope ready to change today


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





November 2012




November 15, 2012


manhattan stands sentry before the fall
capital central magic once alive
immigrant port resounding freedom’s call
when all escaping tyranny survive
collapsing memories hide silent stains
blood washed away by violent waters
blowing winds scatter lingering remains
across devastation’s missing borders
government regulations shatter life
masquerading as brokenness repaired
faceless masses under poverty’s strife
now fighting off oppression unprepared
       Obama wins a nation on her knees
       relentless evil doing as it please


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




blatant lies

November 25, 2012


terror strikes a fatal blow from afar
overrunning embassies with her hate
Obama blames viral video’s star
shutting down all reasonable debate
popular media use talking points
prepared by astute political hacks
outspoken voice of unreason anoints
pravda’s heartfelt description for attacks
seven secret agencies block the way
to freedom and growing prosperity
yet half a nation still looks for a day
when discourse encounters reality
       accept a world with evil’s blatant lies
       or hear salvation’s call for death’s demise


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





December 2012



anarchy attacks

December 3, 2012


financial precipice looms large ahead
accelerating closer every day
some gaze upon it with destiny’s dread
others demand oversight to repay
republicans desire spending cuts
to stop erecting disaster’s tower
yet continue they playing D.C. sluts
exchanging integrity for power
democrats demand higher taxes now
as punishment for capital success
at redistribution’s altar they bow
causing further economic distress
       anarchy attacks from all directions
       whenever our own exclude protections


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




narcissist’s world

December 11, 2012


control brightly adorns deception’s hall
where stolen memories fade away fast
attendees hear not reality’s call
amidst history’s retelling recast
heroes and heroines stand not a chance
against magical illusion’s dark spell
they refuse inclusion in evil’s dance
recounting encounters with truth retell
political pawns publish ugly lies
performed by marionettes on short strings
media’s puppet master’s hidden ties
made manifest by songs deception sings
       recognize not demon’s dark death today
       as narcissist’s world transformed to repay


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





December 24, 2012


control abandons principle’s reason
overwhelming opposition’s clear thought
all disagreement considered treason
when logic dictates error to be taught
subtle lies misdirect social discourse
to lay fallow ever prosperous fields
honest behavior slain without recourse
forever prey to evil power wields
national desires demand attention
while individual needs cast aside
liberals require honor’s mention
pushing forward grand ideas to divide
       ungodly actions disguised to disarm
       everyday people fall prey to their charm


Copyright © 2012 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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