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across America

March 24, 2019


O how i long to see
the goodness of the Lord
looking back at me
from every face i meet
walking down the street
in the grocery store
at the gas station
standing on a corner
waiting for a bus
across America

O how i long to see
Your lovingkindness
passing by
wherever i go
in the people i know
in the sunshine
or in the snow
floating to the ground
standing straight and tall
looking for righteousness
to reign in the hearts
of every single soul
across America

but alas
that seems less probable
each and every passing day
walking at Your side
since very few will ever say
they too died and rose again
with You as Lord
the One true God
who is always
caring for me
loving me
protecting me
from the evil
trying to block my way
at every turn
as You direct my steps
along the winding path
You have chosen for me
this life i live in joy and strife
with my loving wife
seeking Your face day and night
walking in Your light
honoring You in my living
and my giving
and my sharing caring
walking in Your Son
honoring You with my poems
written in goodness and truth
forgiveness and justice
with mercy and grace
about this place
bathed in the light
bright and shining
on the everyday people
across America

overflows my heart
setting me apart
speaking my many words
with my poetry
of Your goodness
and Your love
for everyday people
to see Your goodness
and Your love
across America


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






silently waiting

March 16, 2019


i sit here silently waiting
for the Lord of Glory
to show me what transpires next
in this life’s story

will it continue to snow and rain
thunder and lightning
lighting up the nighttime sky
with black and white images
of the barn and trees
along the horizon
the horses huddled together
at the door of the barn
waiting to be let in
to the warmth waiting within
the deer just resting
beneath the green canopy
of the towering pines
keeping dry
before continuing on their quest
in search of winter food

when will the springtime sun
begin to shine
on the plants and trees
causing a gentle breeze
rustling the leaves
in the early morning
before the animals awake
to a new day dawning
when the heat of the day
sounds another warning
about the changing face
of America

where politicians
want to create a replica
of the many other nations
being torn apart from within
by foreign invasions
and the socialist persuasions
of the self-proclaimed elite
seeking after power and greed
with complete conceit
that their abilities indeed
excel beyond all measure
of anyone willing to bleed
for their conviction’s pleasure
defending democracy’s treasure
hidden within

we see again the same old story
of humans climbing up to heaven
seeking after their very own glory
spinning a yarn
woven together
with no more death and dying
and everyone having it all
and no more crying
or politicians lying
woven together
in their mind’s imagination
without serious contemplation
about reality’s desire
for goodness to conspire
with all the everyday people
to set in motion
Godly devotion
through prayer and supplication
for God to destroy
this evil infected temptation
eating away at the fabric
of America

i sit here silently waiting
contemplating when
goodness will again
rule the day and night
winning the fight
for America
the Lord of Glory
returns in victory
to finish history


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the green new deal

March 8, 2019


can you imagine
what will happen
to all the everyday people
who are fighting to survive
to keep their family alive
if socialism begins to thrive
in the hearts and minds
of all the D.C. politicians
and blind mathematicians
and waiting morticians

they want to give you
their very best
green new deal
which you can have for a steal
with maximum appeal
if only you will continue voting
for the progressive
far left leaning lib’ral
lunatic wingnuts
and political sluts
you have been enamored with
from New York
and more

they want to give you
their very best free healthcare
that will be so very much better
than the devastatingly expensive
healthcare killing offensive
called Obamacare
which hurt the ones
it was supposed to help
the most

they want to give you
their very best social reforms
their human minds can imagine
even better than Venezuela’s socialism
creating a very large schism
between the leaders
and all the other everyday people
which took
one of the top economies
in the world
and drove it to the bottom
making it one of the worst
in just ten short years
replacing their laughter with tears
and mounting fears
of homelessness
and starvation
and death

they want to give you
their very best social reforms
but alas
they won’t even say
that there is a very small downside
to this left leaning rollercoaster ride
which they cannot hide
for long
because there will come a day
when you disagree
with what they say
when you disagree
with their social engineering
and their simpleminded social politics
dreamt up by rapacious lunatics
then you will become
caught in their crosshairs
with a target on your back
open to attack
as a social outcast
labeled a racist
and unemployed
and unable to house
and feed your family
ever again
until the day when
they put a bullet
in your head
declaring evil dead

they want to give you
their very best scientific reforms
to fix the impending doom and gloom
approaching quickly
for this almost dead planet
to fix the out of control
global climate change
a socialist fantasy
looking to rearrange
how we live our daily lives
oh by the way means
they will rid us of our evil routines
of using fossil fuel
and oil
and coal
and nuclear energy
that run your automobiles
and heat your homes
and light your lights
and provide inexpensive electricity
everywhere and to everyone
leaving you stuck where you are
not able to go very far
leaving you in the cold
unable to grow old
before death strikes you down
leaving you in the dark
with only candles to light your way
leaving you with long breadlines
and shortages of everything needed
for daily living

they want to give you
their very best intentions
and their very best interventions
and honorable mentions
for the redistribution of wealth
across the different classes
serving the masses
by leveling the playing field
so that everyone can receive
the same
very impressive
minuscule nothing
for their daily living
unless of course
you are one of their
self-imposed social elite
who will give to themselves
all the wealth
and all the jobs
and all the heat
and all the light
and all the electricity
and who will hold it over your head
until you are dead
or willing to dance and prance
to their magnanimous tune
of dying flowers in june
doing the progressive two-step
bowing down
every time they walk by
or even sigh
saluting them
with your hand held high
to the sky
in total
giving your self over
to their mission
of poverty
and despair
for all


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







March 3, 2019


can you imagine
what the world would be like
and what tomorrow would bring
if goodness could remove the sting
of hatred and lying
removing all the evil Satan sing
into the ear of his henchmen spying
removing the darkest evil thing
infecting our once great nation
that may be dying
and definitely crying
for that which is lingering lost
with no idea of the mounting cost
to the freedom and liberty
people are so willing
to turn their back on

can you remember
how many people fought and died
to create the greatest democracy
that has ever survived
for almost two hundred fifty years
amidst the blood and tears
shed for freedom and liberty
and the pursuit of happiness
for everyone
no matter who

can you remember
the greatest generation
who fought the spreading evil
trying to take over the world
who fought and died and won
the battle that evil had begun
conquering freedom and liberty
and goodness for himself
when he lost

when then
will you stand and fight again
against all the spreading evil
who wants to destroy America
from within and without

there is not any doubt
who wants to murder innocent babies
even after they are born alive
and could survive
on their own

there is not any doubt
who wants illegals to enter America
in unlimited droves
over the southern border
creating disorder
and courting disaster

there is not any doubt
these illegals rape
and murder
and maim
and steal
and traffic in drugs
and innocent human beings

there is not any doubt
these illegals have no regard for our laws
that allow freedom and liberty to thrive
and all her followers to survive
this evil infecting our government people
this evil that continues to disregard
the One and only true God
who has created everything and everyone
by the raising of the Son
through whose grace
salvation has begun
in this place
called America

who then
will stand up and speak
for all the goodness
godly men and woman seek
in the public forum
boldly and meek
ready to speak
against this evil infection
growing without rejection
within America


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






what drives you

February 25, 2019


have you ever stopped to think
what it is you want
from this one life you have to live
and what it is you have to give
to the people around you
what is it then
that drives you every day
can you say
with any certitude
and maybe even a little gratitude
how you approach each and every day
with a positive attitude
or maybe
you face the day with negativity
seeing only emptiness left in your wake
seeing every single mistake
you have made
dancing in a parade
of yesterdays


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






love is

February 20, 2019


love is
a gentle summer breeze
blowing through the tall trees
reminding us to sway together
before inclement winter weather
tries to tear us asunder
with lightning and thunder
during a darkened night

love is
the rhythm and the rhyme
taking the needed time
talking together face to face
dressed in love’s tender embrace
grown between intimate friends
not knowing what destiny intends
along the road’s many bends
in life
husband and wife

love is
the silent serenade my heart sings
when taking flight on eagle’s wings
seeing what closeness brings
to your sparkling eyes
amidst the many sighs
of living life together
side by side
on adventure’s rollercoaster ride

love is
sharing life
caring for each other
all the while
loving living
loving giving

love is
a broad smile
on your face
and a giggle
in your heart


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






who is the Messiah

February 19, 2019


in the beginning
i was born a Jew
a child of Abraham
into one of the tribes of Jacob
but to this very day i cannot say
which tribe
because all the records were destroyed
by the hand of the Lord
directing the Roman army in 70 AD
thereby removing the way forever
that i could prove i am a Jew
with no way remaining
to see if it is true

when i was just a small boy
i was told by my grandfather
whose name was Jacob too
about our God
and how He loves us and will pursue
His chosen ones to the ends of the earth
because He loves us and believes we are worth
the opportunity to love Him too
and he also told me
that if i love God and am willing to follow Him
wherever He leads me every day of my life
even through the valleys of pain and strife
He will protect me and keep me close to His heart
so that i will be a precious part
of His congregation here on earth
every day and in every way
His precious worth

many things have transpired
as i sought after all that i desired
from this world
and then one day
in the summer of 1990
i heard my neighbor and friend Paul say
did you know that Jesus is the Messiah
your people have been waiting for
all these many years
at first i was taken aback
but then
i responded in my worldly arrogance
not a chance
because if He is the Messiah
then my grandfather would have told me
and then
i went on my merry way
forgetting what he said that day
until once again he did say
Jesus is the Messiah
and i responded the same way
if He is my grandfather would have told me
so this exchange between friends
happened again and again
until one day i said
that’s not true and i will prove it to you
and he said
how are you going to do that

i had no clue
how to pursue
the proof i needed
so i stepped back and heeded
what my gut was telling me to do
and so
i began reading the Tanakh
starting in the beginning
with Genesis
and by the time i finished Deuteronomy
i finally understood what it meant to be a Jew
go figure
and then i read what the prophets had to say
about the promise of the coming Messiah
and what He would be like
and what He would do
for His people
one day

so then
i had to ask my self again
now what do i do
to prove Jesus is not the Messiah
that He is not the One
my people have been waiting for
all these many years
and then i instantly knew
i had to open a new door
to find what i am looking for
the time has come
for me to begin to read the New Testament
to find out what it says about Jesus
and so i did
starting with the book of Matthew
oh by the way
was a Jew
writing to a Jewish audience
and so i started reading that day
to see what Matthew had to say
and it got very interesting
very quickly
to me

and so
i then compared
everything i dared
everything the New Testament
said about Jesus
following the cross references
back through the Old Testament
rabbit trails
through hills and dales
to where the prophesies
about the Messiah
were claimed to have been fulfilled
by Jesus
by the gospel writers
Matthew Mark Luke and John
and even Paul
and the author of Hebrews too

and so
after about six months
of going back and forth
between the Old and the New
matching prophesies of the Messiah
to the fulfillments in Jesus the Christ
and joining my friend Paul
and his family at church
so then
i was just sitting there in church one sunday morning
in december of 1990
listening to the sermon
but not really paying attention to what was being said
thinking about all the things i had read
about Jesus and the about Messiah
and then a light went on in my head
and i said to Jesus
you are the One
aren’t you
and immediately
it was like a veil was removed
from my eyes and heart
and i saw Jesus clearly
looking back at me
and i could see God’s plan
for humanity
through all of eternity
confirming everything i read
about the living and the dead

and so
from that day on
i grew to know the Messiah first hand
i grew to understand
that his name is Jesus
and that i now stand
as an adopted son of the Father in heaven
and i began to grow and walk in his footsteps
following him wherever he chooses to lead me
and doing whatever he asked me to do in his name
and to proclaim his story
to everyone who will listen
about his loving glory
throughout all of history
and the future
that will be coming


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 17, 2019


Father in heaven
here i am to worship you
to say that you are my God
and i am your bondservant
committed to you in obedience
to do your will
not my will
to say thank you
all the day long
singing my very best praise song
for everything you have done
and continue to do
in my life
with all its strife
here on earth
thank you
for making me a faithful traveler
a stranger in a strange land
acknowledging all you do is so grand
allowing me here to stand
in your name
to proclaim
your fame
to everyone who will listen
to your story
from the beginning
before you created everything
up through to the very end
when goodness will transcend
this worldly existence
and how you helped an unworthy friend
to meet you face to face
in a most unexpected place
so that i could see firsthand
your loving grace
thank you
for allowing me to tell my story
to tell the world of the greatest glory
to be found in your precious name
if only people would seek your face
trusting in the truth you proclaim
and in your goodness and grace
and in your forgiveness
for everyone
who will call upon you name
and believe you are Lord of all
creator of everything that is
from everlasting to everlasting
you are God
you are Messiah
you are Jesus Christ
the One and only
you are the everlasting Father


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 9, 2019


a determined little boy
with curly brown hair
races across the kitchen floor
crawling as fast as he can
hoping to get to the dog’s water dish
before grandpa can catch him
and turn him upside down
laughing like a silly clown
before he has a chance
to complain very loudly
having been stopped from his
determined destination
with a determined expectation
of splashing in the water
spilling it all over the floor
wanting to ignore
he got caught

one day soon
he will be walking
and then running as fast as he can
as is the case with little boys
playing with his toys
making as much noise
as he can
telling me
in his very own special way
exactly what he likes
and what he really dislikes
yelling at the top of his lungs
in his little boy voice
leaving me no choice
but to grab him up
and shower him with kisses
holding him upside down
trying to take away his frown
making him laugh with joy
hoping to get him to forget
what was on his one track mind
when he started yelling
telling me in the only way he can
how much he would like
to go back to playing with his toys
making his very own giraffe
jump up and down
just the way grandpa showed him
and then throwing it
on the floor
with the other casualties
of his war
with his toys
and the many other joys
of shaking up his world
trying to climb out of his playpen
to be free of the walls
keeping him confined
challenging his mind
to find
a way out

and if i’m lucky
he will sit on my lap
pulling my beard
yanking my nose
sticking his fingers in my mouth
to see if it is any different than his
and then when he gets tired
resting his head on my chest
looking over at his big sister
thinking she’s the very best
wanting to do everything she does
except maybe rest
because he needs more input
for his learning machine
put to the test
of growing up

am i blessed
to have him
in my life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






vitriolic violence

January 31, 2019


hatred stands sentry
at the closed door
to the hallowed halls of D.C.
contrary to popular folklore
wanting to create a war
of controversy
the left leaning lib’ral lunatic
socialist democrat party fringe
all the everyday people
of the masses
in the middle
and lower classes

the elite progressive left
the party of blatant hatred
and vitriolic violence
against everything and everyone
they cannot control
against those they cannot make dance
to their devastation dirge
unless of course
you are willing to take a stance
in favor of everything they urge
the people to follow
no matter how hollow
their sentiment of caring
for those
they were elected to represent
but won’t

the party of blatant hatred
and vitriolic violence
pretending all is still sacred
with the evil methods they employ
in their battle to destroy
all the everyday people
under a towering steeple
of liberty faith and freedom
erected many hundreds of years ago
by the American revolution
and the greatest constitution
our founding fathers did know
could be a sacred institution
that only sacred honor could grow
but then
where did all the goodness go
over the passing years
where are all the defenders
of this great American experiment
that even allows these hating pretenders
the freedom to erect their very own monument
to their god of evil and hatred
worshiping at the altar
where darkness lives

so what gives
when only more violence
can turn the approaching tide
of violence and hatred
on its midnight ride
against goodness

so what gives
when the looming darkness
hides all their evil deeds
planting their newly sown seeds
for another bloody revolution
against the American constitution
and every American institution
all because
it may very well be
the only way
the elite progressive left
can enforce their perfect say
in how our great nation
becomes bereft
changing its stripes
from red white and blue
to socialist democrat red
for the oppression of the masses
without regard to social classes
so that only a special few
can reap all the rewards
of power money and greed
when they succeed
in forcing their way
what once upon a time
was the greatest experiment
in the history of all the nations
down through the many generations
going back to the tower of babel
sending all the rabble
scattering in every direction

so tell me
are you ready for what will ensue
when the socialist democrat party will pursue
you and your children
and your family
and your friends
to the ends
of the earth
in order to destroy your personal worth
taking away your property and savings
taking away your freedom and liberty
guaranteed by the first amendment
taking away your bullets and guns
so you cannot defend yourself
or anyone else
against their hatred
and vitriolic violence
supported by the Pravda media
and the Gestapo FBI
when then
they finally come to take away your life
because they may or may not
feel threatened by your zeal
which i know is very real
for the American constitution
guaranteeing freedom and liberty
and Godly retribution
for everyone
no matter what

cannot you see the plot
coming transforming
your world
right before
your eyes

cannot you hear their cries
of attack
quickly floating on the breeze
coming from behind your back
and through the trees
to seize
your life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






tickles and twinks

January 26, 2019


once upon a time
a long time ago
in a faraway land
called California
i met a lovely lady
with a beautiful smile
and bright greyish blue eyes
looking straight into my being
she always called me twinkles
and sometimes even twinks for short
when i asked her why
she said with a sigh
when i look at her
with a bright smile on my face
my eyes would always twinkle
like the nighttime stars
in a blackened sky
i would always call her tickles
and when she asked me why
i said with a sigh
when i look at her
the energy flowing from her being
knowing someone special i was seeing
tickled all my seven senses
causing me to let down my defenses
so that i would smile very brightly
from the depths of my soul
which made my eyes twinkle
on their very own
and so
from that day on
tickles and twinks
became the best of friends
with more than forty years
of laughs and tears
and many cheers
living their life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a border wall

January 13, 2019


President Trump
says having a border wall
is an important way
of protecting us all
from the illegals
entering America in droves
coming across the southern border
in order
to take away jobs from Americans
who most need to work
needing to support themselves
and their families
but then
these illegals
also receive many freebees
as their liberal states’ adoptees
getting healthcare
and welfare
and many other benefits
even when
they continue
their violent felon behavior
and maiming
and raping
innocent Americans
all the while
bringing illegal drugs
into our nation
enabling the addiction
of our many addicts
and even enabling
our left leaning
socialist politicians
to declare sanctuary cities
enabling all the pities
of the bleeding heart crowd
thinking themselves quite proud
by breaking the law of the land
erecting monuments so very grand
to their own form of social justice
making their stand
all the while
helping enable America’s demise
which is no surprise
they really do hate America
and everything she stands for
and are willing
to violate our laws
and the Constitution
all for political gain
and unrestrained power
and political retribution
and all because
a D.C. outsider
Donald Trump
hit the slider
into the bleachers
to win the presidency
and continues to remind
the political elite
every day
of their defeat
to a man committed
to doing what’s right
over what’s expedient
in their political fight
every day
and he’s here to stay
nearly three quarters of Americans
love what he is doing
for the economy
and for more jobs
and because
he really cares
every day
about erecting
an impenetrable border wall
sounding the clarion call
to everyone wanting to enter in
over our southern border
creating disorder
that they cannot come in
unless they are willing
to enter in
at one of our specified
points of entry

but what can i say
Pelosi and Schumer
do not even care
if millions of illegals
or drugs
or felons
or human traffickers
enter the country
setting up shop
to continue their unlawful behavior
wanting to be their savior
so they will join their other
illegal brothers and sisters
voting for the Democrats
that will continue to fight
day and night
on the floor of congress
and in the lame stream
Pravda media
to keep all the illegals
protected and secure
in the many sanctuary
cities and states
set up across the great U.S. of A.
to undermine the American way
that you and i
and all the everyday people
love and respect
and work hard to get ahead
supporting themselves
and their families
without any dread
of losing their job
or having the economy tank
or even worse
have every American bank
declare insolvency
as our economy
circles the drain
even though
without disdain
you and i
take the American way
for granted
every day


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






public discourse

January 8, 2019


there was a time
not too long ago
when everything in America
seemed so fine
everyone was polite
and very caring
of one another
daring to help out
whenever they could
coming to the rescue
in times of need
setting aside greed
as we know the Lord
would want us to heed
His command
to love God
and love our neighbor
and certainly
no one would ever
speak negatively
about another
unless of course
they would say it
to their face
brother to brother
knowing the light does shine
on every single person
willing to go out of their way
to help and pray
for one another

and then
somewhere along the way
everything seemed
to turn upside down
watching the clown
try to unleash the fires of hell
setting all goodness aglow
convincing everyone
in the world
that right is wrong
and good is evil
causing chaos and upheaval
so that everyone
is walking around
wearing a frown
ready to say
the worst about one another
not caring about
anyone else’s feelings
in their dealings
with society
not caring whether
they speak the truth
or create fabricated lies
to the other’s demise
when everyone tries
to make themselves look good
and oh so very important
seeking their fifteen minutes
of lame fame
in the public eye
never looking back
with a sigh
as they deny
their conscience
if they even have one
that’s speaking to them
and as they decry
one another

so you ask yourself
who are the worst offenders
i am speaking of
filled with hate
and not love
in the public

well that’s easy
of course
they are the sleazy
Washington liberal politicians
leaning far left toward socialism
and the globalist elite warmongers
who speak their critical petitions
about their cohorts and coconspirators
publicly disparaging them
with calumnious lies
about who they are
and what they do
in their life
and maybe
every once in a while
about their public views
and ideas about how to
make America great again

well then
where is this all going
can America survive
and her people thrive
when evil speaking
is growing out of control
and what will be the final toll
if we cannot get our leaders
to leave behind their vitriolic hatred
of the president
and his get-the-job-done attitude
in all they say about him
and his followers
can they learn to extoll
their political brothers
and sisters
regardless of what side
of the political spectrum
they inhabit
will they always
want to inhibit
in the public forum


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






happy birthday B

January 4, 2019


B Hill
on this day
today you turn thirty
which is considered
over the hill
by most
especially the young adults
you host
at church
trying to guide their lives
in the ways of the Lord
teaching them
to talk with Him
and to walk with Him
wherever He leads
every day
loving your neighbor
along the way

i thank the Lord
for you
every day
since He brought you
into my youngest daughter’s life
taking her for your wife
without needing
to give me any camels
or cows
or goats
or sheep
for her hand
because i knew
you would stand
in the presence of the Lord
with His word in your heart
and His sword in your hand
to guide
and protect
and direct
your family
in all the ways of the Lord
in a world gone mad
and so
i am so very glad
it is you
watching over her
loving her
every day
the way she deserves
as she serves
the Lord

needless to say
but i’ll say it anyway
how proud i am of you
how you have struggled
and grown
in the Lord
these past five years
learning to put Caitlin
and Annie
and Everett
the desires
of youth’s thirst
to have and protect
a family of your very own
on loan
from the Lord

and so
i pray
that the Lord
God of all creation
would bless you
and shine His light upon you
and guide and direct your steps
and keep you
holding you
in His strong right hand
and every day
and in every way
as you walk upon this land
along the path
He has planned
for you
and that you would
give unto the Lord
God Almighty
all the glory
and praise
and honor
and thanks
due His holy name

have a great birthday
and many more
like this one
every year
with cheer
and thanksgiving
and walking
in the light
with His face
in your sight


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