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a funeral

July 19, 2019


a funeral marks the end of a life’s time
when death at last claims its rightful toll
when angels sing sorrow’s silent rhyme
and the living realize they have no control

friends and family speak about the past
telling stories about the dearly departed
showing pleasant pictures one life amassed
and the goodness the loved one imparted

celebration stands upon a rooftop
singing a doleful serenade for love
knowing tears of sadness may never stop
until a hurting heart gets help from above

tomorrow everyone goes their solitary way
returning to daily life death cannot command
but the pain of a lost love will never betray
the emptiness inside no one else understand


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







July 14, 2019


two hundred forty three years
fighting off totalitarian fears
since America declared herself to be free
from unreasonable taxes on British tea

America’s patriots answered the call
fighting tyranny oppressing them all
casting off malevolence against a nation
removing the boot of despotic occupation

patriots threw the British out for good
forging a new Constitution that could
protect every individual’s unalienable rights
endowed by God as His holy word cites

time has walked slowly down the road
sometimes wending through hell’s abode
when brother had to fight against brother
disagreeing about the rights of another

freedom again sounded the liberty bell
freeing a race under evil’s deadly spell
but reality took another hundred years
answering the call only liberty hears

time marched on to the edge of the divide
with different cultures their values collide
progressive warriors take to the street
desiring unwanted democracy to defeat

from the sixties until today hatred reigns
in the hearts of activists seeking social gains
not knowing the Constitution they corrupt
will destroy the greatest nation they disrupt

everyday people become their hunted prey
forcing them to listen to all that they say
anyone speaking back will be attacked
calling all warriors only evil has backed

out of an evil heart darkness grows
destroying the America everyone knows
out of an evil mouth calumny speaks
confusing innocence with lying techniques

progressive lib’ral anarchist and more
redistribution of wealth they adore
allowing everything illegal to destroy
enslaving the middle class their ploy

socialism communism and hatred abound
true democracy may never again be found
lost forever to ancient history books
whenever a future historian looks

the proverbial handwriting’s on the wall
signaling social devastation of it all
when will goodness send out the call
to gather God’s children to prevent the fall


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






sorrow sings a sad song

July 8, 2019


a young boy sits on his bed
in the early afternoon summer sun
his breaking heart filled with dread
silently overwhelming his summer fun

he hides from reality coming nigh
waiting outside his bedroom door
knowing this is a time when he should cry
because what was will never be anymore

all he can do is look up at heaven’s cross
silently asking the Ancient of days
why he cannot cry for this his great loss
when his heart desires more yesterdays

then he hears his grandfather’s voice
comforting him from a long way away
saying this is now a time to rejoice
for his God is with him forever to stay

this is a time that he must be strong
for his grandfather went his appointed way
lifting his heart to the angels in song
remaining in heaven to his doleful dismay

sorrow sings a sad song this day
remembering what was a long time ago
remembering a grandfather who went away
after teaching a young boy to know

God’s sitting on His throne in heaven above
showering goodness with His precious love
putting His arms around His own
comforting sorrow life has grown


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Trump and Iran

June 30, 2019


a cyber warfare technician
sits unwavering at his console
focused on the task at hand
almost ready to send his command
through the high speed wires
into the amorphous cloud
from here to there
stealthily creating despair
at the other end
and then
he finally hits send
trying to upend the enemy
their intelligence gathering network
and their radar intercepts
used to direct their military forces
in the air and on the ground
against everyone
they have found
unwilling to kowtow
to their terrorist activities
and evil proclivities
and blatant hostilities
at home and abroad
thinking everyone should applaud
their standing up to the great satan
a.k.a. America
the land of the free

feigns innocence
as a big fan
of terrorist activities
the inhuman hostilities
of homicidal suicide bombers
used to terrorize nations
into submission
to Sharia eccentricities
and evil proclivities
sponsoring the dismantling
of peace and safety
throughout the Middle East
feeding the devil’s ugly best
threatening to attack America
in response to financial sanctions
freezing the assets of their leaders
terrorist breeders
evil’s defenders
and goodness pretenders
seeking to destroy
even their own

wickedness Iran has grown
and death they have sown
and goodness they bemoan
against all who they call infidels
against all who walk not in the path
of their religious leaders
against all worthy not to live
in their sanctimonious presence
with their acrimonious rhetoric
and erroneous view
of a world craving peace
looking for a new lease
on daily life

let them run free
with his hypocrisy
returning billions in assets
frozen by past presidents
allowing them to seek
after nuclear weapons
capable of
attacking the little satan
the other children of Isaac
capable of
wiping out the great satan
on the other side
of their pharisaical world
capable of
destroying all the infidels
wherever they try to hide
feeding their pride
their original
convert or die
with better

but now there is Trump
who has made the jump
back to reality
and geniality
with his new sanctions
and freezing of their assets
and moving his battle groups
into Iran’s backyard
in nearby waters
setting up quarters
ready to obliterate
the wicked regime
if they decide
to move past
vitriolic rhetoric
deciding to attack
or anything
in the world

has now
put Iran on notice
a peaceful outcome
he can still
get the U.S. forces
in place
ready for war
with the true
children of satan
should Iran take a stand
to force Trump’s hand
to defend America
as planned


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







June 23, 2019


out of the goodness in his heart
will a man plant good seeds
out of the darkness in his heart
will a man plant evil seeds

so then by his deeds
can we know a man’s heart
and to whom he belongs
and to whom he serves
all the day long

only goodness
can plant good seeds
only darkness
can plant evil seeds
never to crossbreed

the world’s goodness
is mired
in evil’s weeds

goodness pleads
for mercy and grace
to show His face
to everyone

is the day
to plant
your seeds
of goodness
everywhere you go
it’s time to sow


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






an everyday man

June 23, 2019


an everyday man
sits quietly contemplating
all that has transpired
and all he has desired
during his many years
living in this alien culture
with all of its tears
and all of its cheers
and all of the sneers
from all of the people
he has met
walking along his path
faithfully following his math
and his words
and his deeds
planting the seeds
goodness has given him
to use everyday

what can he say
when he encounters people
who want to take it all away
who want to take today
his ability to speak freely
in the public forum
about his desires for America
without being assaulted by
militant activists
devil’s advocates
without decorum
hating everything and everyone
they cannot control
and cannot bend
to their political desires
the burning fires
of socialism
willing to intimidate Americans
and anyone else they meet
with their loud vitriolic chanting
and social justice warrior ranting
planting seeds of social discord
bullying all the everyday people
into keeping quiet
not speaking up
for fear of attack
when they see evil’s injustice
walking openly in public view
destroying freedom and liberty
a precious guarantee due
all Americans

what is the final outcome
they are looking for
in this impending civil war

does tomorrow’s end
really justify today’s means
even in their dreams
and desires for America
to follow democratic socialism
whatever that’s supposed to be

how do we know
who they are
and how far
they are willing to go
and how do we show them
that everyone has a right
to freedom and liberty
and the pursuit of happiness

so when will they stop
causing daily strife
so that American life
can return back to normal
whatever that is


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







June 18, 2019


I saw a man walking by
dressed in a long flowing white robe
with blue threads running through it
and small white and blue tassels
dangling from the bottom hem
he had a shock of wavy white hair
and a curly white beard
and his countenance
was glowing godly goodness
from his humble heart

as he came near
i asked him
where are you going
and he said to me
i'm off to meet my destiny
which is waiting for me
somewhere down the road

then he stopped
turning to look at me
his eyes blazing bright blue
and asked
would you like to come with me
maybe your destiny
lies along this very same road

i said
thank you
but i must pursue
my own path
through the obstacles
of this modern day
self-proclaimed utopia
littering the landscape
with darkness
and sadness
and anger
everywhere i turn
knowing i must learn
how best to expose
the deadly darkness
that should not be
and show the people
how to find
godly goodness
waiting patiently
just around the next bend
over the highest hill
under the old sycamore tree

and so
the godly man
continued along the road
he was on
in search of his destiny
and i continued
along the path i was on
telling everyone i meet
where to find godly goodness
that can set you free
to pursue your destiny
free from this life
of encroaching darkness
and deadly starkness
a spiritual sickness
you live in today
walking in bondage to sin
on display
wherever you turn
and then
your heart will burn
for the One
who's always good
always caring
for your soul
calling you
to be whole


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






lightning and thunder

June 12, 2019


here i sit
looking out of the window
on this dark and dreary morning
hoping for a new day dawning
surrounded by tall evergreen trees
watching the needles dancing
to the gentle springtime breeze
as the morning sky
turns black as night
clouds in the distance
moving closer
at a rapid pace
lightning flashes
thunder crashes
the dog runs away to hide
afraid of what’s coming
as hard torrents of rain
begin to fall
in wet sheets
littering the streets
with falling branches
from the gusting wind
causing the deer
and the wild turkeys
and the residents
to run for cover
in the arms
of a lover

lightning flashes
thunder crashes
all around
to the sound
of changing times
and unknown rhymes
pushing at the border of reality
with detectable signs
of a lost congeniality
and a godless brutality
in a divided duality
within the confines
of the American nation
with split bloodlines
and unmistakable designs
for self-imposed deadlines
for the coming revolution
against the founding institution
created by the U.S. Constitution
almost two and a half centuries ago

i can clearly see and hear
lightning flashes
thunder crashes
of an undiagnosed conspiracy
waging war
against the American people
and the laws of democracy
a hypocrisy
of calumny
by both houses of Congress
and the chamber of commerce
and the nation’s media
and the california fruit salad
lovingly called social media
for social justice warriors
against conservatives
and libertarians
and fair minded individuals
leaning to the right
to fight for truth
and the American way
that once existed
a long time ago
before progressives
and obsessives
and subversives
took a stand
against godly goodness
in this land
that’s now operating
as the squeaky wheel
trying to steal
for themselves

truth and justice
now sit on shelves
in the back of a locked closet
hidden in the basement
of the U.S. Congress
under the stairs
waiting for repairs
and yet no one dares
to save them
from extinction
where lightning and thunder
cannot be seen or heard
by the innocent herd
of Americans
awaiting word
checking daily
that the storm
has passed
and the skies
are slowly
turning blue


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






awake America

June 7, 2019


impeach Trump or lose the majority
losing face in the Dem sorority
drinking the kool-aid about collusion
trading reality for delusion

the left’s leaning in the wrong direction
considering not a course correction
thinking they understand what’s best for all
praying to survive till the final call

Pelosi says people don’t understand
how impeachment an essential demand
now Waters admits to waning support
and Nadler subpoenas every cohort

the British people honor Trump fully
China and Mexico call him bully
imposing tariffs to protect our own
from the destruction that evil has grown

American lives remain not secure
when illegals are the lib’ral’s allure
hidden across the nation for escape
allowed to roam free to attack and rape

all Dems think about is Trump’s behavior
appointing themselves the nation’s savior
playing the shrink about his mental health
hating his charisma and his great wealth

now Pelosi says put him in prison
because his actions are bipartisan
wanting to make a deal with everyone
even the Dems favorite female son

and yet Trump’s loved for the great things he’s done
our economic growth is number one
Obama era regulations killed
for the new wall the military’s billed

now the Dems have a decision to make
continue to portray Trump as a flake
or stand with him showing their greatness too
evil or goodness which do they pursue

lady liberty has never been blind
she sees everything hidden in your mind
she can withstand an attack from without
especially from within without doubt

what’s the outcome of the coming battle
will the Dems still continue their prattle
will the voters see the coming darkness
engulfing the nation in its starkness

awake America to valor’s call
knowing lady liberty stands for all
battle on for goodness to win the day
destroying evil ’round D.C.’s beltway


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






in plain view

June 1, 2019


Mueller plays the black pawn
moved around the chess board
in the early morning dawn
by his deep state political handlers
dealers in dark matter incantations
spoilers with rabid expectations
of destroying all goodness
in America

they live in the shadows
hidden from public view
behind a multicultural curtain
of deception
and misdirection
and lib’ral lies
of a not so obvious disguise
of dark glasses
and a bulbous nose
and bushy eyebrows
that become one
when they are manipulating
the truth
in plain view

so now
what’s the nation to do
about Mueller’s unsaid innuendo
which he said quite shakily
to the delusional collisional press
and to the gullible world
to an unheard crescendo
of dramatic music
in the background
found implying
that there is a sealed indictment
against President Trump
which cannot be unsealed
while he is President
but that
Congress can impeach
a sitting President
like was done to Bill Clinton
in 1998
for obstruction of justice
and for perjury

this just stirs
the deep state kettle
of simmering gobbledygook
waiting patiently
for the master manipulators
of the deep state
hiding surreptitiously
behind the curtain
a frequent
vitriolic lightning storm
moving slowly
over D.C. politicians
and political morticians
ready to carve up Trump
like a Thanksgiving turkey
trying to survive
in the murky swamp
gone mad
with their very sad
fake news lies
in a sheepskin disguise
wanting to devise
the demise
of America


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






goodness and evil

May 30, 2019


goodness and evil meet in the middle
listening to a gorilla fiddle
tapping his foot to an old sixty’s tune
while a lone unicorn begins to croon

evil moves toward a high mountain top
while swaying to a seventy’s hip hop
throwing dark spells at the D.C. elite
to make them attack the right with deceit

goodness travels to the home of evil
trying to put an end to upheaval
saturating D.C. in bright white light
scattering the darkness of evil’s blight

this battle started at the beginning
when humanity learned about sinning
when Eve was deceived by the evil one
and Adam disobeyed God’s only Son

goodness and evil fight on till the end
when the unicorn will betray her friend
breaking the gorilla’s fiddle for fun
to ensure evil’s reign of terror done


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the end

May 27, 2019


awake O churches for the time’s at hand
to tell the story of the final stand
revealed to Jesus by our God above
and offered to John in visions of love

grace and peace from the victorious One
who was and is and will return when done
warning all the churches the die is cast
knowing Jesus wins the battle at last

washing away all our sins in His blood
giving new life for our goodness to bud
making every believer king and priest
honoring the Father at heaven’s feast

to Him belong all glory and power
His name a refuge and a strong tower
having dominion over all the earth
offering everyone a reborn birth

behold He comes with the clouds of heaven
showing the churches their hidden leaven
every eye will see Him and wail aloud
because they pierced Him as prophets avowed

He’s Alpha and Omega all of time
beginning and ending of life sublime
Almighty God the creator of all
the Prince of Peace forever standing tall

the end of time’s approaching very near
evil’s henchmen fighting against the fear
godly goodness singing a song of cheer
patiently waiting till He reappear


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the clock stopped at 10:04

May 18, 2019


yesterday morning after breakfast
saying a hasty goodbye to his mother
Joe quickly ran out the front door
in search of his horse Promise
who is always waiting patiently for him
at the end of Sandy Lane
she would never complain
when he’s late getting started
on their daily search for bad guys
who were always in disguise
as everyday people
walking along the beech

later that morning
Joe and Promise were on patrol
walking slowly along the beach
at the water’s edge
where a gentle breeze
carries a faint smell of the surf
crashing headlong against the rocks
bringing pleasant memories to mind
of all the times Joe walked here
with his grandfather
who died
a few years ago

they were on a special mission
to find an elusive crew
they needed to subdue
suspected of three recent robberies
of vacationers walking along the beach
where each of the victims
never saw anyone
take their valuables
they just all of a sudden
seemed to disappear from view
before they knew what happened
leaving each frightened
and confused
emotionally bruised
about life’s unseen mysteries

Joe knew
after much contemplation
and frustration
there had to be a simple explanation
for why no one saw anything
but he could surmise
to his own surprise
a simple fact that applies
in this case
that maybe
just maybe
the crew had some special talent
or secret magical elixir
that made them invisible
to the naked eye
of passersby
and if that’s the case
he needs to find a way
to turn the tables
on the robbers
finding a way
to make them visible
so he can stop them
from robbing any other people
ever again

that’s when
Joe and Promise decided
to put their heads together
to find a solution
to this enigma
set before them
to find a way to destabilize
the crew’s invisible disguise
so they can quickly catch them
by surprise

this morning
to his dismay
Joe overslept till noon
along with everyone else
in his house
and then
when Joe finally woke up
he looked at the clock
shocked it said 10:04
but he quickly realized
it had stopped the night before
his alarm
would have gone off at 7 A.M.
and he’d be out the door

Joe and Promise
are back on patrol
trying to maintain control
walking the beach
as they do every day
when all of a sudden
they stop dead in their tracks
seeing what appears to be
a shimmering mirage
off in the distance
with many of the beachgoers
standing around
stone faced
in a trance
looking in
at what appears to be
a small village
of small odd looking homes
built upon a thick sheet of ice
radiating very cold air
for this fair climate
where goodness dwells
and friendliness swells
in the hearts of most

in the middle
of this enigmatic village
they see a dancing polar bear
wearing a pink tutu
spinning and twirling around
to the imaginary sound of music
playing in her mind
smiling a broad smile
for all the people outside
looking in

Joe and Promise
stroll up to the crowd
watching in awe
by what they saw
by the dancing polar bear
who seemed to have
no care in the world
as she spins and twirls
for all the people outside
looking in

when he gets close
he starts asking everyone
he meets and greets
where this village came from
but all they could say is
i don’t know where it came from
but it just appeared out of thin air
from nowhere
in a bright flash of light
at 10:04 last night
which i know is accurate
because my watch stopped
exactly then
and i have been standing here
watching her dance
ever since

Joe thinks to himself
not a coincidence
that all the clocks stopped at 10:04
when this village appeared here
from nowhere

as he and Promise walk up
to the dancing polar bear
dancing without a care
in the world
Joe says
my name is Joe
and this is my horse Promise
what’s your name
where are you from
how far did you come
to appear here
on our beautiful beach

the polar bear stops her dancing
a big smile on her face
glancing at Joe
and says
my name is Anna
and we’re here
because my friends and i
created a special techno weapon
that allowed us to disappear
from the approaching hunters
who have been killing off many
in our village over the years
amidst our cries and tears
and founded fears
we activated the weapon
at 10:04 last night
and here we are
your fair world
of sun and smiles
enjoying the warmth
for a while
until it’s time to leave
for home

Joe thought
i didn’t think that was possible
he asks Anna
will you be able to get back
to your home
are you stranded here
can we come near to help
in any way
and she answers
the techno weapon has been set
for a 24 hour period
so then
at 10:04 tonight
we will return home
along with any of you
who are still in our village
at that time

Anna continues
by the way
when we arrived here
we found two people
who thought they were invisible
sneaking around our village
with their pockets stuffed
with money and trinkets
we only found them
because our device
rendered them partially visible
to us

Joe responds quickly
Promise and i
have been looking for them
for quite a while
they keep robbing people
on the beach
and we need to teach them
that’s wrong to do
in our society
with all the clarity
and charity
we can muster

Anna handed the robbers over
to Joe and Promise
who took them to the local jail
to balance the scale
of justice

later that night
Joe and Promise
and a many other people
from the community
are standing around
outside Anna’s village
saying their goodbyes
with lots of hugs and sighs
wishing them farewell
and Godspeed
and a safe return home
to their world
of snow and ice

at exactly 10:04
just as before
when it appeared
the village disappeared
in a bright flash of light
and all the stopped clocks
started working again
setting everything right
in the end


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the box in the closet

May 5, 2019


a dancing polar bear
dressed in a pink tutu
spins and twirls across the ice
sliding headlong into an igloo
smashing it to pieces

she picks herself up
brushes off the small pieces of ice
and continues to dance
hoping the distraction
takes her mind off
the approaching hunters
who have already killed
three of her friends

her dancing ends abruptly
and she returns home to her den
when she decides what to do
to protect her family
and friends

she dances across the living room
with a broad smile on her face
for her imaginary audience
and silently opens the basement door
to go down the stairs
with the hairs on the back of her neck
standing on end
for fear of losing her family
and anymore friends

in a dark hidden passage
off to the right
she finds what she is looking for
grabbing up the heavy green box
in the back of the closet
she brings it into the light
remembering the awful fight
she had with her husband
when she decided to keep it hidden
in the basement closet

she takes the box upstairs
sets it on the kitchen table
and goes into the bedroom
to change out of her tutu
into something more appropriate
for the coming occasion

just then
the children return home
from a long day of fishing with dad
wishing they could buy
a new video game
to play with their friends
when they stop dead in their tracks
seeing the large green box
sitting on the kitchen table
still closed and locked

they casually ask their mom
what’s in the box
when dad intervenes saying
why don’t you kids go change
out of your wet clothes
into something dry
and go play
one of your video games

after the kids leave
she then tells her husband
about the encroaching hunters
who have already killed
three of their friends
he looks at her
with a stunned expression on his face
and deadly dread in his heart
and then he looks at the box
and then he looks back at her
and says
we better get ready
and tell the neighbors
it’s time we come together
to defend our home
and families
and friends
however we can
of the consequences

when their friends and neighbors
descend upon their home
talking excitedly among themselves
they unlock the box
and remove all its contents
divvying it up
among everyone who came to help
with setting up all the equipment
around the perimeter of the village

small groups stayed
with each of the new tech weapons
setting them up
settling in
waiting for the hunters
to arrive
talking to each other
from time to time
over their silent radios
from the last group of hunters
who tried to take them by surprise
a couple of years ago

some went out on patrol
in different directions
as the night descended on them
to see what they could see
of the approaching hunters
and when they saw them coming
off in the distance
they quietly crawled back to the village
radioing ahead
to warn them that the hunters are coming
and to get ready
so they can catch them by surprise
this time

when everyone was safely back
in the village
the word was given
to activate the weapons
and get ready
for the coming assault
the weapons would work
exactly as designed

as soon as the hunters
came into view
word was given
to fire every weapon
at the same time

the approaching hunters
stopped abruptly in their tracks
when they saw the bright flash of light
consume the whole village
disappearing right before their eyes
amidst gasps and cries of fear
not knowing
the villagers had
a special surprise for them
a very sophisticated techno weapon
capable of making the whole village
and everyone in it
vanish into another reality
until the danger
passed them by
and it was safe
to return home


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







May 4, 2019


foolishness sits tall upon a red horse
coming to destroy goodness at the cross
innocence follows sadly in his wake
for promises of freedom to forsake
modern day prophets call for destruction
by misleading with cries of obstruction
everyday people believe all the lies
when evil dresses up in truth’s disguise
socialism now infects a foolish heart
encouraging common sense to depart
calumny too infects a foolish mind
insuring destruction of humankind
     foolishness brandishes a two-edge sword
     chasing down godliness goodness adored


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






heart ablaze

May 3, 2019


fear the Lord walking in His ways always
knowing that His hand holds you all your days
seek His face praising His glorious name
speaking boldly about salvation’s claim
walk not in the ways of the ungodly
follow not after worldly things blindly
in them is death riding on a pale horse
leading you to hell away from the cross
cannot you understand the precious cost
without remorse you are forever lost
hear not your Father’s words calling you home
return to Me today from whence you roam
     offer Him the sacrifice of your praise
     watching Him set your open heart ablaze


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a poet and a fool

April 29, 2019


a poet and a fool enter a bar
after a touchy feely seminar
learning to discern human behavior
and the intentions of a false savior
the fool believes everything that’s easy
and sometimes even a little sleazy
worshiping the wizard behind the wall
pulling strings for lib’rals to win it all
the poet travels in a small spaceship
searching the heavens for a cutting quip
dripping with the blood of reality
painted in black and white morality
     one pulls out a gun to burgle the bar
     the other preaches evil gone too far


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a fool

April 27, 2019


a fool says in his heart nobody knows
nobody can see the evil that grows
in the hearts and minds of politicians
and terrorists with hidden munitions
he looks in their eyes to discern the lies
but all he sees is sincerity’s cries
of doing what’s right for democracy
never exposing their hypocrisy
he hides truth and justice in a small box
in the hall closet behind goldilocks
abandoned together by the three bears
at a time when it seems nobody cares
     fairytales are the heart of a fool’s life
     reality now needs a good midwife


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a poet

April 24, 2019


a poet sits upon his high rafter
listening to everybody’s laughter
writing everything he hears in his verse
traveling across heaven in his hearse
neither time nor space can contain his words
exposing left leaning lunatic herds
sometimes he’s hiding behind a black hole
bringing to light evil’s massive death toll
sometimes he’s riding a fast moving star
searching for lib’rals who have gone too far
always speaking up about what he sees
blowing in today’s vitriolic breeze
     a modern day poet cannot forget
     his powerful words can goodness beget


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







April 20, 2019


enter democrat derangement syndrome
only viewing the world in monochrome
talking heads still buzzing with corruption
hollywood minds still stuck on disruption
deep state conspirators stuck in the swamp
lib’ral politicians love the Trump stomp
media moguls pulling out their hair
trying to paint the U.S. with despair
everyday people don’t know who to trust
keeping them stuck and divided a must
democrats demand emotions concede
following wherever they want to lead
     revolution sits silently waiting
     while democrats and socialists dating


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







April 18, 2019


today foretells the final victory
affirming that Trump rewrites history
ending accusations of collusion
from outspoken democrat’s delusion
created by confusion’s fake news lies
a hateful narrative for Trump’s demise
but everyday people see through the sham
exposing the Obama-Clinton scam
Mueller finishes and Barr now begins
unmasking the deep state’s treasonous sins
knowing Obama started the spying
with help from Clinton’s talent for lying
     the end of an era approaches near
     justice wins the looming battle this year


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







April 13, 2019


Christian children are being abducted
in the ways of godlessness instructed
in a world where hatred replaces love
goodness departs on the wings of a dove
the schoolyard playground sits ghostly empty
parents keep their children home for safety
protecting them from evil everywhere
encroaching upon goodness to ensnare
the classroom stands worst above all the rest
teacher’s ideas commanded the best
students can never express their own views
denying godliness the teacher’s dues
     education or intimidation
     denouncing God their true celebration


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






under attack

April 9, 2019


America’s adults defy reason
by accepting calumny this season
maliciousness delivered by evil
destroying all goodness through upheaval
the deep state creates more lies to confuse
everyday people’s conservative views
leftist politics attack innocence
revealing immoral indifference
extreme left newcomers create havoc
saying democracy running amuck
and that socialism’s the best solution
to modernize an old constitution
     liberty and freedom under attack
     men of valor arise to take them back


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






America’s politics

April 6, 2019


simple solutions are hard to come by
but one would hope the politicians try
for a divided country’s silent tears
and the everyday people’s mounting fears
lib’rals follow A.O.C. further left
where socialism leaves the country bereft
Omar and Talib want Sharia law
but anti-Semitism’s their fatal flaw
President Trump is still being accused
of Russian collusion power abused
and the border battle’s still going on
for the left leaning lib’ral’s longest con
     politics makes things difficult at best
     but now America’s put to the test


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






brutal revolution

April 5, 2019


violence gathers at the border’s edge
patiently awaiting atop the ledge
until the border agent turns away
beginning the illegal’s swan ballet
hundreds now jumping in at the same time
ready to commit a bloodthirsty crime
even if they get caught and arrested
they are released in the wild untested
or worse they are bussed into the middle
of a nation still stuck on the riddle
yet unsolved by everyday innocence
duped by lib’ral political pretense
     brutal bloodshed demands a solution
     before the conflict brings revolution


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






lost paradise

April 5, 2019


i awoke to a dark dreary morning
people’s emotions silently churning
because the nation’s sorely divided
by calumny the left has provided
the right is definitely no better
hiding behind innocence their debtor
crisis after crisis remains unsolved
while radical lib’ral thinking evolved
allowing illegals to enter in
overwhelming services to begin
democracy’s destruction from within
all the while their face flashes a big grin
     everyday people pay the precious price
     to destroy what once was our paradise


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






collusion delusion

April 3, 2019


now tells me clearly
Robert Mueller
is driven by the law alone
doing only what’s right
above what he might
according to his own desire
earning him the ire
of those that did hire him
to destroy a president
and White House resident

Robert Mueller
seems to be an honorable man
who was asked to do what he can
to prove that President Trump
most definitely colluded
with Russian agents
and even possibly Putin himself
as was alluded to
by the left leaning lying lib’rals
wanting him to show
how Trump broke the law
during the 2016 election cycle
and all the many days
leading up to his victory
defeating Hillary Clinton
any way he could
and that he would
cheat when necessary
just like all the democrat
left leaning lying lib’ral
and progressive politicians
and the Pravda media
colluding together
to get Hillary elected
no matter what

Robert Mueller
was also asked to do what he can
to prove that President Trump
also had an ongoing elusive campaign
of obstructing the investigation
into his illegal colluding
intruding upon American justice
so that he could protect himself
and his campaign staff
and his family
from any prosecution
by the American institution
of blind justice
required by law

what reality saw was different
because no matter how hard he tried
to turn the thumb screws
on everyone he interviewed
Mueller was unable
to turn the table
on anyone
not a single person
was able to give him any proof
that President Trump
had colluded with anyone
let alone with the Russians
no matter how hard he tried
no one lied
about Trump and Russia
being in cahoots
but then
a handful did get caught
lying about their own
unlawful activities
and personal proclivities
when caught
in the Mueller mouse trap
and prosecuted
to the full extent
required by law

as it turned out
the only one really colluding
with the Russians
and many others
was Hillary Clinton
with her pay-to-play scheme
when she was Secretary of State
and then a presidential candidate
enlisting Barack Hussein Obama
and James Clapper
and John Brennan
and James Comey
and Andrew McCabe
and the DOJ
and the FBI
and many others
from her lying lib’ral crowd
of sisters and brothers
willing to weaponize
parts of the American government
and deceive the American people
in order to steal all the power
and all the political dollars
for themselves
and all the little elves
that helped them
for a piece of the action
hoping to gain traction
in their battle over Trump
by making the jump
to the dark side
of the law

so now what’s next
in this political game
of collusion delusion
of left leaning lib’ral lying
trying to destroy the right side
when even now
some still won’t hide
their desire to destroy Trump
holding on tightly
never letting go
of the collusion story
trying to rewrite history
for their own glory
but maybe
just maybe
President Trump will appoint
his very own special prosecutor
and anoint him
with the power to investigate
the illegal FISA warrant
that seems to have started
the Trump collusion witch hunt
in the first place
and the power to investigate
the illegal use of the DOJ
and the FBI
to spy
and collude
with the DNI
and the CIA
and many others
to destroy a president
who they could never defeat
and never ever prove
did anything wrong
in their collusion song
using the power
of the Kafkaesque government
for their own political gain
thinking themselves quite sane
but never inane
all the while
breaking the law

and now
will President Trump do what’s right
to protect the sanctity of the office
of the President of the United States
against future misuses of power
using the full force of the law
to prosecute the rampant evil
standing just outside the door
of the White House
waiting patiently
to do this again
when no one is looking

if we allow evil’s political demon rats
to slink silently back into the darkness
for even a little while
with a smile on their face
impervious to disgrace
i am confident they will emerge again
stealthily trying to destroy
goodness forever
with more of their games
of collusion delusion
creating the illusion
they are doing
God’s work
when in fact
they are quite berserk
with an ego quirk
they can play
by their own rules
without consequences
for their seditious offenses
in this modern day game
of collusion delusion


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






goodness claims the victory

March 30, 2019


thank you
my Lord
for the Constitution
of the United States of America
born of revolution
for the dissolution
of the political bands
connecting the U.S. with Britannia
and to establish justice
and domestic tranquility
and a common defense
against all sense
of evil
trying to destroy
the goodness found
in this newly formed country
more than
two centuries ago

thank you
my Lord
for giving me the freedom
and the liberty
and the pursuit of happiness
purchased with the blood
of godly men of valor
forging their sacred honor
into a sharp two edged sword
to strike at the heart of tyranny
and the deadly oppression
of their generation
for the self-evident truths
that all men are created equal
endowed by their Creator
with these unalienable rights
for self-government
of the people
by the people
and for the people

thank you
my Lord
that i might speak my mind
and follow my obsession
seeking after goodness and truth
openly portrayed
unmistakably displayed
in the words and deeds
of some of America’s politicians
willing to do what’s right
day and night
for their constituents first
and not just fight
for themselves

thank you
my Lord
for these politicians are very rare
when they dare to have integrity
in all that they do
in this world overflowing evil
putting the needs of the people
ahead of their own desire
for fame and fortune
for they will never tire
doing the right thing
so that goodness may transpire
in the public forum
with the best of decorum
setting an example
for everyone
with an open heart
and open eyes
to shake off the lies
knowing that godly goodness
has touched them on the shoulder
making them a little bolder
when asking if they too
would do what’s right
for God and country
and all the everyday people
needing to be lifted up
high above the fray
by political gallantry
being carried along
on eagle’s wings
listening to the silent song
goodness sings
in their heart
for God’s own glory

thank you
my Lord
i pray that You would please
be so kind as to continue
raising up godly men of valor
for this uplifting story
in which
goodness claims
the victory
in the end


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






Your faithful servant

March 28, 2019


hide not Your face
from Your faithful servant
my Lord
seeking Your mercy and grace
every day in this strange place
of tyranny and oppression
and an obsession
for lying and deception
setting goodness ablaze
these dark and dangerous days
of a rotten malaise
eating away at society

i am Your faithful servant
whom You carefully trained
to be observant
fervently stepping out in faith
to do Your will
to follow Your lead
carrying Your cross
in my humble heart
set apart
from this world
drowning in darkness
and an evil sickness
destroying all goodness
found alive

i am Your faithful servant
fervently doing what i know
pleases You
fervently following
wherever You say go
and whatever you say do
for it’s You
that i fervently pursue
every day
and in every way
walking in Your light
day and night
bathed in Your strong might
fighting Your righteous fight
for Your goodness to remain
in my heart
and for Your truth to flow freely
out of my mouth
influencing the world
around me
that i can clearly see

i am Your faithful servant
set apart
for my Master’s use
showing Your way
to everyone i meet
showing them how
to live out eternity
here and now
and forever
with You
my Lord
of all

i am Your faithful servant
telling Your story
telling how to pursue
Your goodness and truth
in the life You offer anew
to the humble few
who will repent
of their sinful deeds
and bow down to You
as Lord of Glory
reading about Your story
taking up the sword
of Your word
showing others
sisters and brothers
how to walk with You
and how to talk with You
for the rest of their life
so they too
can shine Your light
into the approaching darkness
of the evil one
trying to destroy
the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living

i am Your faithful servant
fervently pursuing You


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






hide and speak

March 26, 2019


our children
are playing a game
of hide and speak
in the schoolyard
in the afternoon sun
choosing up sides
for a friendly game
before the sun goes down
on the dancing clown
wearing a frown
in the rain

each side’s running around
looking for the best things to say
about the other side
or maybe even their own side
with pride
before they hide
from reality

something positive
about their own side
earns them ten points
in this game
of pushing fame
and fortune
as the god of the proud
for this friendly game
of hide and speak
the dancing clown
wearing a frown
in the rain

something negative
about the other side
whether true of false
real news or fake news
earns them twenty five points
in their war of words
for power and greed
making them
the god of their creed
in this friendly untame game
the devil’s clown
wearing a frown
in the rain

if they can get
local news coverage
to repeat their fake news
in print or on air
creating despair
for the other side
earns them fifty points
in this fast moving game they call
the politics of personal destruction
handed down
from the devil’s clown
for integrity’s abduction
and power’s seduction
wearing a frown
in the rain

our children
have learned
how to play this game
by carefully watching
adult behavior
where everyone
is trying their very best
to win for their side
any way they can
by outright lying
about the other side
with personal pride
creating as much fake news
as they possibly can
using vitriolic hate
sprinkled with scornful disdain
and inhumane treatment
of their victims
of personal destruction
and political obstruction
with the seduction
of winning
this friendly untame game
of hide and speak
the devil’s clown
wearing a frown
in the rain


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






across America

March 24, 2019


O how i long to see
the goodness of the Lord
looking back at me
from every face i meet
walking down the street
in the grocery store
at the gas station
standing on a corner
waiting for a bus
across America

O how i long to see
Your lovingkindness
passing by
wherever i go
in the people i know
in the sunshine
or in the snow
floating to the ground
standing straight and tall
looking for righteousness
to reign in the hearts
of every single soul
across America

but alas
that seems less probable
each and every passing day
walking at Your side
since very few will ever say
they too died and rose again
with You as Lord
the One true God
who is always
caring for me
loving me
protecting me
from the evil
trying to block my way
at every turn
as You direct my steps
along the winding path
You have chosen for me
this life i live in joy and strife
with my loving wife
seeking Your face day and night
walking in Your light
honoring You in my living
and my giving
and my sharing caring
walking in Your Son
honoring You with my poems
written in goodness and truth
forgiveness and justice
with mercy and grace
about this place
bathed in the light
bright and shining
on the everyday people
across America

overflows my heart
setting me apart
speaking my many words
with my poetry
of Your goodness
and Your love
for everyday people
to see Your goodness
and Your love
across America


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






silently waiting

March 16, 2019


i sit here silently waiting
for the Lord of Glory
to show me what transpires next
in this life’s story

will it continue to snow and rain
thunder and lightning
lighting up the nighttime sky
with black and white images
of the barn and trees
along the horizon
the horses huddled together
at the door of the barn
waiting to be let in
to the warmth waiting within
the deer just resting
beneath the green canopy
of the towering pines
keeping dry
before continuing on their quest
in search of winter food

when will the springtime sun
begin to shine
on the plants and trees
causing a gentle breeze
rustling the leaves
in the early morning
before the animals awake
to a new day dawning
when the heat of the day
sounds another warning
about the changing face
of America

where politicians
want to create a replica
of the many other nations
being torn apart from within
by foreign invasions
and the socialist persuasions
of the self-proclaimed elite
seeking after power and greed
with complete conceit
that their abilities indeed
excel beyond all measure
of anyone willing to bleed
for their conviction’s pleasure
defending democracy’s treasure
hidden within

we see again the same old story
of humans climbing up to heaven
seeking after their very own glory
spinning a yarn
woven together
with no more death and dying
and everyone having it all
and no more crying
or politicians lying
woven together
in their mind’s imagination
without serious contemplation
about reality’s desire
for goodness to conspire
with all the everyday people
to set in motion
Godly devotion
through prayer and supplication
for God to destroy
this evil infected temptation
eating away at the fabric
of America

i sit here silently waiting
contemplating when
goodness will again
rule the day and night
winning the fight
for America
the Lord of Glory
returns in victory
to finish history


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the green new deal

March 8, 2019


can you imagine
what will happen
to all the everyday people
who are fighting to survive
to keep their family alive
if socialism begins to thrive
in the hearts and minds
of all the D.C. politicians
and blind mathematicians
and waiting morticians

they want to give you
their very best
green new deal
which you can have for a steal
with maximum appeal
if only you will continue voting
for the progressive
far left leaning lib’ral
lunatic wingnuts
and political sluts
you have been enamored with
from New York
and more

they want to give you
their very best free healthcare
that will be so very much better
than the devastatingly expensive
healthcare killing offensive
called Obamacare
which hurt the ones
it was supposed to help
the most

they want to give you
their very best social reforms
their human minds can imagine
even better than Venezuela’s socialism
creating a very large schism
between the leaders
and all the other everyday people
which took
one of the top economies
in the world
and drove it to the bottom
making it one of the worst
in just ten short years
replacing their laughter with tears
and mounting fears
of homelessness
and starvation
and death

they want to give you
their very best social reforms
but alas
they won’t even say
that there is a very small downside
to this left leaning rollercoaster ride
which they cannot hide
for long
because there will come a day
when you disagree
with what they say
when you disagree
with their social engineering
and their simpleminded social politics
dreamt up by rapacious lunatics
then you will become
caught in their crosshairs
with a target on your back
open to attack
as a social outcast
labeled a racist
and unemployed
and unable to house
and feed your family
ever again
until the day when
they put a bullet
in your head
declaring evil dead

they want to give you
their very best scientific reforms
to fix the impending doom and gloom
approaching quickly
for this almost dead planet
to fix the out of control
global climate change
a socialist fantasy
looking to rearrange
how we live our daily lives
oh by the way means
they will rid us of our evil routines
of using fossil fuel
and oil
and coal
and nuclear energy
that run your automobiles
and heat your homes
and light your lights
and provide inexpensive electricity
everywhere and to everyone
leaving you stuck where you are
not able to go very far
leaving you in the cold
unable to grow old
before death strikes you down
leaving you in the dark
with only candles to light your way
leaving you with long breadlines
and shortages of everything needed
for daily living

they want to give you
their very best intentions
and their very best interventions
and honorable mentions
for the redistribution of wealth
across the different classes
serving the masses
by leveling the playing field
so that everyone can receive
the same
very impressive
minuscule nothing
for their daily living
unless of course
you are one of their
self-imposed social elite
who will give to themselves
all the wealth
and all the jobs
and all the heat
and all the light
and all the electricity
and who will hold it over your head
until you are dead
or willing to dance and prance
to their magnanimous tune
of dying flowers in june
doing the progressive two-step
bowing down
every time they walk by
or even sigh
saluting them
with your hand held high
to the sky
in total
giving your self over
to their mission
of poverty
and despair
for all


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







March 3, 2019


can you imagine
what the world would be like
and what tomorrow would bring
if goodness could remove the sting
of hatred and lying
removing all the evil Satan sing
into the ear of his henchmen spying
removing the darkest evil thing
infecting our once great nation
that may be dying
and definitely crying
for that which is lingering lost
with no idea of the mounting cost
to the freedom and liberty
people are so willing
to turn their back on

can you remember
how many people fought and died
to create the greatest democracy
that has ever survived
for almost two hundred fifty years
amidst the blood and tears
shed for freedom and liberty
and the pursuit of happiness
for everyone
no matter who

can you remember
the greatest generation
who fought the spreading evil
trying to take over the world
who fought and died and won
the battle that evil had begun
conquering freedom and liberty
and goodness for himself
when he lost

when then
will you stand and fight again
against all the spreading evil
who wants to destroy America
from within and without

there is not any doubt
who wants to murder innocent babies
even after they are born alive
and could survive
on their own

there is not any doubt
who wants illegals to enter America
in unlimited droves
over the southern border
creating disorder
and courting disaster

there is not any doubt
these illegals rape
and murder
and maim
and steal
and traffic in drugs
and innocent human beings

there is not any doubt
these illegals have no regard for our laws
that allow freedom and liberty to thrive
and all her followers to survive
this evil infecting our government people
this evil that continues to disregard
the One and only true God
who has created everything and everyone
by the raising of the Son
through whose grace
salvation has begun
in this place
called America

who then
will stand up and speak
for all the goodness
godly men and woman seek
in the public forum
boldly and meek
ready to speak
against this evil infection
growing without rejection
within America


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






what drives you

February 25, 2019


have you ever stopped to think
what it is you want
from this one life you have to live
and what it is you have to give
to the people around you
what is it then
that drives you every day
can you say
with any certitude
and maybe even a little gratitude
how you approach each and every day
with a positive attitude
or maybe
you face the day with negativity
seeing only emptiness left in your wake
seeing every single mistake
you have made
dancing in a parade
of yesterdays


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






love is

February 20, 2019


love is
a gentle summer breeze
blowing through the tall trees
reminding us to sway together
before inclement winter weather
tries to tear us asunder
with lightning and thunder
during a darkened night

love is
the rhythm and the rhyme
taking the needed time
talking together face to face
dressed in love’s tender embrace
grown between intimate friends
not knowing what destiny intends
along the road’s many bends
in life
husband and wife

love is
the silent serenade my heart sings
when taking flight on eagle’s wings
seeing what closeness brings
to your sparkling eyes
amidst the many sighs
of living life together
side by side
on adventure’s rollercoaster ride

love is
sharing life
caring for each other
all the while
loving living
loving giving

love is
a broad smile
on your face
and a giggle
in your heart


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






who is the Messiah

February 19, 2019


in the beginning
i was born a Jew
a child of Abraham
into one of the tribes of Jacob
but to this very day i cannot say
which tribe
because all the records were destroyed
by the hand of the Lord
directing the Roman army in 70 AD
thereby removing the way forever
that i could prove i am a Jew
with no way remaining
to see if it is true

when i was just a small boy
i was told by my grandfather
whose name was Jacob too
about our God
and how He loves us and will pursue
His chosen ones to the ends of the earth
because He loves us and believes we are worth
the opportunity to love Him too
and he also told me
that if i love God and am willing to follow Him
wherever He leads me every day of my life
even through the valleys of pain and strife
He will protect me and keep me close to His heart
so that i will be a precious part
of His congregation here on earth
every day and in every way
His precious worth

many things have transpired
as i sought after all that i desired
from this world
and then one day
in the summer of 1990
i heard my neighbor and friend Paul say
did you know that Jesus is the Messiah
your people have been waiting for
all these many years
at first i was taken aback
but then
i responded in my worldly arrogance
not a chance
because if He is the Messiah
then my grandfather would have told me
and then
i went on my merry way
forgetting what he said that day
until once again he did say
Jesus is the Messiah
and i responded the same way
if He is my grandfather would have told me
so this exchange between friends
happened again and again
until one day i said
that’s not true and i will prove it to you
and he said
how are you going to do that

i had no clue
how to pursue
the proof i needed
so i stepped back and heeded
what my gut was telling me to do
and so
i began reading the Tanakh
starting in the beginning
with Genesis
and by the time i finished Deuteronomy
i finally understood what it meant to be a Jew
go figure
and then i read what the prophets had to say
about the promise of the coming Messiah
and what He would be like
and what He would do
for His people
one day

so then
i had to ask my self again
now what do i do
to prove Jesus is not the Messiah
that He is not the One
my people have been waiting for
all these many years
and then i instantly knew
i had to open a new door
to find what i am looking for
the time has come
for me to begin to read the New Testament
to find out what it says about Jesus
and so i did
starting with the book of Matthew
oh by the way
was a Jew
writing to a Jewish audience
and so i started reading that day
to see what Matthew had to say
and it got very interesting
very quickly
to me

and so
i then compared
everything i dared
everything the New Testament
said about Jesus
following the cross references
back through the Old Testament
rabbit trails
through hills and dales
to where the prophesies
about the Messiah
were claimed to have been fulfilled
by Jesus
by the gospel writers
Matthew Mark Luke and John
and even Paul
and the author of Hebrews too

and so
after about six months
of going back and forth
between the Old and the New
matching prophesies of the Messiah
to the fulfillments in Jesus the Christ
and joining my friend Paul
and his family at church
so then
i was just sitting there in church one sunday morning
in december of 1990
listening to the sermon
but not really paying attention to what was being said
thinking about all the things i had read
about Jesus and the about Messiah
and then a light went on in my head
and i said to Jesus
you are the One
aren’t you
and immediately
it was like a veil was removed
from my eyes and heart
and i saw Jesus clearly
looking back at me
and i could see God’s plan
for humanity
through all of eternity
confirming everything i read
about the living and the dead

and so
from that day on
i grew to know the Messiah first hand
i grew to understand
that his name is Jesus
and that i now stand
as an adopted son of the Father in heaven
and i began to grow and walk in his footsteps
following him wherever he chooses to lead me
and doing whatever he asked me to do in his name
and to proclaim his story
to everyone who will listen
about his loving glory
throughout all of history
and the future
that will be coming


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 17, 2019


Father in heaven
here i am to worship you
to say that you are my God
and i am your bondservant
committed to you in obedience
to do your will
not my will
to say thank you
all the day long
singing my very best praise song
for everything you have done
and continue to do
in my life
with all its strife
here on earth
thank you
for making me a faithful traveler
a stranger in a strange land
acknowledging all you do is so grand
allowing me here to stand
in your name
to proclaim
your fame
to everyone who will listen
to your story
from the beginning
before you created everything
up through to the very end
when goodness will transcend
this worldly existence
and how you helped an unworthy friend
to meet you face to face
in a most unexpected place
so that i could see firsthand
your loving grace
thank you
for allowing me to tell my story
to tell the world of the greatest glory
to be found in your precious name
if only people would seek your face
trusting in the truth you proclaim
and in your goodness and grace
and in your forgiveness
for everyone
who will call upon you name
and believe you are Lord of all
creator of everything that is
from everlasting to everlasting
you are God
you are Messiah
you are Jesus Christ
the One and only
you are the everlasting Father


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 9, 2019


a determined little boy
with curly brown hair
races across the kitchen floor
crawling as fast as he can
hoping to get to the dog’s water dish
before grandpa can catch him
and turn him upside down
laughing like a silly clown
before he has a chance
to complain very loudly
having been stopped from his
determined destination
with a determined expectation
of splashing in the water
spilling it all over the floor
wanting to ignore
he got caught

one day soon
he will be walking
and then running as fast as he can
as is the case with little boys
playing with his toys
making as much noise
as he can
telling me
in his very own special way
exactly what he likes
and what he really dislikes
yelling at the top of his lungs
in his little boy voice
leaving me no choice
but to grab him up
and shower him with kisses
holding him upside down
trying to take away his frown
making him laugh with joy
hoping to get him to forget
what was on his one track mind
when he started yelling
telling me in the only way he can
how much he would like
to go back to playing with his toys
making his very own giraffe
jump up and down
just the way grandpa showed him
and then throwing it
on the floor
with the other casualties
of his war
with his toys
and the many other joys
of shaking up his world
trying to climb out of his playpen
to be free of the walls
keeping him confined
challenging his mind
to find
a way out

and if i’m lucky
he will sit on my lap
pulling my beard
yanking my nose
sticking his fingers in my mouth
to see if it is any different than his
and then when he gets tired
resting his head on my chest
looking over at his big sister
thinking she’s the very best
wanting to do everything she does
except maybe rest
because he needs more input
for his learning machine
put to the test
of growing up

am i blessed
to have him
in my life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






vitriolic violence

January 31, 2019


hatred stands sentry
at the closed door
to the hallowed halls of D.C.
contrary to popular folklore
wanting to create a war
of controversy
the left leaning lib’ral lunatic
socialist democrat party fringe
all the everyday people
of the masses
in the middle
and lower classes

the elite progressive left
the party of blatant hatred
and vitriolic violence
against everything and everyone
they cannot control
against those they cannot make dance
to their devastation dirge
unless of course
you are willing to take a stance
in favor of everything they urge
the people to follow
no matter how hollow
their sentiment of caring
for those
they were elected to represent
but won’t

the party of blatant hatred
and vitriolic violence
pretending all is still sacred
with the evil methods they employ
in their battle to destroy
all the everyday people
under a towering steeple
of liberty faith and freedom
erected many hundreds of years ago
by the American revolution
and the greatest constitution
our founding fathers did know
could be a sacred institution
that only sacred honor could grow
but then
where did all the goodness go
over the passing years
where are all the defenders
of this great American experiment
that even allows these hating pretenders
the freedom to erect their very own monument
to their god of evil and hatred
worshiping at the altar
where darkness lives

so what gives
when only more violence
can turn the approaching tide
of violence and hatred
on its midnight ride
against goodness

so what gives
when the looming darkness
hides all their evil deeds
planting their newly sown seeds
for another bloody revolution
against the American constitution
and every American institution
all because
it may very well be
the only way
the elite progressive left
can enforce their perfect say
in how our great nation
becomes bereft
changing its stripes
from red white and blue
to socialist democrat red
for the oppression of the masses
without regard to social classes
so that only a special few
can reap all the rewards
of power money and greed
when they succeed
in forcing their way
what once upon a time
was the greatest experiment
in the history of all the nations
down through the many generations
going back to the tower of babel
sending all the rabble
scattering in every direction

so tell me
are you ready for what will ensue
when the socialist democrat party will pursue
you and your children
and your family
and your friends
to the ends
of the earth
in order to destroy your personal worth
taking away your property and savings
taking away your freedom and liberty
guaranteed by the first amendment
taking away your bullets and guns
so you cannot defend yourself
or anyone else
against their hatred
and vitriolic violence
supported by the Pravda media
and the Gestapo FBI
when then
they finally come to take away your life
because they may or may not
feel threatened by your zeal
which i know is very real
for the American constitution
guaranteeing freedom and liberty
and Godly retribution
for everyone
no matter what

cannot you see the plot
coming transforming
your world
right before
your eyes

cannot you hear their cries
of attack
quickly floating on the breeze
coming from behind your back
and through the trees
to seize
your life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






tickles and twinks

January 26, 2019


once upon a time
a long time ago
in a faraway land
called California
i met a lovely lady
with a beautiful smile
and bright greyish blue eyes
looking straight into my being
she always called me twinkles
and sometimes even twinks for short
when i asked her why
she said with a sigh
when i look at her
with a bright smile on my face
my eyes would always twinkle
like the nighttime stars
in a blackened sky
i would always call her tickles
and when she asked me why
i said with a sigh
when i look at her
the energy flowing from her being
knowing someone special i was seeing
tickled all my seven senses
causing me to let down my defenses
so that i would smile very brightly
from the depths of my soul
which made my eyes twinkle
on their very own
and so
from that day on
tickles and twinks
became the best of friends
with more than forty years
of laughs and tears
and many cheers
living their life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a border wall

January 13, 2019


President Trump
says having a border wall
is an important way
of protecting us all
from the illegals
entering America in droves
coming across the southern border
in order
to take away jobs from Americans
who most need to work
needing to support themselves
and their families
but then
these illegals
also receive many freebees
as their liberal states’ adoptees
getting healthcare
and welfare
and many other benefits
even when
they continue
their violent felon behavior
and maiming
and raping
innocent Americans
all the while
bringing illegal drugs
into our nation
enabling the addiction
of our many addicts
and even enabling
our left leaning
socialist politicians
to declare sanctuary cities
enabling all the pities
of the bleeding heart crowd
thinking themselves quite proud
by breaking the law of the land
erecting monuments so very grand
to their own form of social justice
making their stand
all the while
helping enable America’s demise
which is no surprise
they really do hate America
and everything she stands for
and are willing
to violate our laws
and the Constitution
all for political gain
and unrestrained power
and political retribution
and all because
a D.C. outsider
Donald Trump
hit the slider
into the bleachers
to win the presidency
and continues to remind
the political elite
every day
of their defeat
to a man committed
to doing what’s right
over what’s expedient
in their political fight
every day
and he’s here to stay
nearly three quarters of Americans
love what he is doing
for the economy
and for more jobs
and because
he really cares
every day
about erecting
an impenetrable border wall
sounding the clarion call
to everyone wanting to enter in
over our southern border
creating disorder
that they cannot come in
unless they are willing
to enter in
at one of our specified
points of entry

but what can i say
Pelosi and Schumer
do not even care
if millions of illegals
or drugs
or felons
or human traffickers
enter the country
setting up shop
to continue their unlawful behavior
wanting to be their savior
so they will join their other
illegal brothers and sisters
voting for the Democrats
that will continue to fight
day and night
on the floor of congress
and in the lame stream
Pravda media
to keep all the illegals
protected and secure
in the many sanctuary
cities and states
set up across the great U.S. of A.
to undermine the American way
that you and i
and all the everyday people
love and respect
and work hard to get ahead
supporting themselves
and their families
without any dread
of losing their job
or having the economy tank
or even worse
have every American bank
declare insolvency
as our economy
circles the drain
even though
without disdain
you and i
take the American way
for granted
every day


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






public discourse

January 8, 2019


there was a time
not too long ago
when everything in America
seemed so fine
everyone was polite
and very caring
of one another
daring to help out
whenever they could
coming to the rescue
in times of need
setting aside greed
as we know the Lord
would want us to heed
His command
to love God
and love our neighbor
and certainly
no one would ever
speak negatively
about another
unless of course
they would say it
to their face
brother to brother
knowing the light does shine
on every single person
willing to go out of their way
to help and pray
for one another

and then
somewhere along the way
everything seemed
to turn upside down
watching the clown
try to unleash the fires of hell
setting all goodness aglow
convincing everyone
in the world
that right is wrong
and good is evil
causing chaos and upheaval
so that everyone
is walking around
wearing a frown
ready to say
the worst about one another
not caring about
anyone else’s feelings
in their dealings
with society
not caring whether
they speak the truth
or create fabricated lies
to the other’s demise
when everyone tries
to make themselves look good
and oh so very important
seeking their fifteen minutes
of lame fame
in the public eye
never looking back
with a sigh
as they deny
their conscience
if they even have one
that’s speaking to them
and as they decry
one another

so you ask yourself
who are the worst offenders
i am speaking of
filled with hate
and not love
in the public

well that’s easy
of course
they are the sleazy
Washington liberal politicians
leaning far left toward socialism
and the globalist elite warmongers
who speak their critical petitions
about their cohorts and coconspirators
publicly disparaging them
with calumnious lies
about who they are
and what they do
in their life
and maybe
every once in a while
about their public views
and ideas about how to
make America great again

well then
where is this all going
can America survive
and her people thrive
when evil speaking
is growing out of control
and what will be the final toll
if we cannot get our leaders
to leave behind their vitriolic hatred
of the president
and his get-the-job-done attitude
in all they say about him
and his followers
can they learn to extoll
their political brothers
and sisters
regardless of what side
of the political spectrum
they inhabit
will they always
want to inhibit
in the public forum


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






happy birthday B

January 4, 2019


B Hill
on this day
today you turn thirty
which is considered
over the hill
by most
especially the young adults
you host
at church
trying to guide their lives
in the ways of the Lord
teaching them
to talk with Him
and to walk with Him
wherever He leads
every day
loving your neighbor
along the way

i thank the Lord
for you
every day
since He brought you
into my youngest daughter’s life
taking her for your wife
without needing
to give me any camels
or cows
or goats
or sheep
for her hand
because i knew
you would stand
in the presence of the Lord
with His word in your heart
and His sword in your hand
to guide
and protect
and direct
your family
in all the ways of the Lord
in a world gone mad
and so
i am so very glad
it is you
watching over her
loving her
every day
the way she deserves
as she serves
the Lord

needless to say
but i’ll say it anyway
how proud i am of you
how you have struggled
and grown
in the Lord
these past five years
learning to put Caitlin
and Annie
and Everett
the desires
of youth’s thirst
to have and protect
a family of your very own
on loan
from the Lord

and so
i pray
that the Lord
God of all creation
would bless you
and shine His light upon you
and guide and direct your steps
and keep you
holding you
in His strong right hand
and every day
and in every way
as you walk upon this land
along the path
He has planned
for you
and that you would
give unto the Lord
God Almighty
all the glory
and praise
and honor
and thanks
due His holy name

have a great birthday
and many more
like this one
every year
with cheer
and thanksgiving
and walking
in the light
with His face
in your sight


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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